T'way Air Business Class to Offer Flat-Bed Seats for Singapore-Incheon

Fly From Singapore to Incheon on Flat-Bed Business Class Seats

Your comfy seat and South Korean vacation await!

Yes, you’ve read the title right! T’way Air — a low-cost airline based in Seoul, Korea — recently announced that they would be introducing flights between Singapore and Incheon. This makes them the first Korean low-cost airline to serve Singapore! What’s more, the T’way Air Business Class seats come with extra perks at a relatively affordable rate. 

What we know so far

In the last decade, they operated regionally with Boeing 737-800s aircraft but recently, they’ve decided to tap into Airbus A330-300 aircraft. This aircraft is known for business class seats that recline horizontally up to 165°. For some of you, the business class seats may look a little familiar, as T’way Air’s Airbuses are originally from Thai Air Asia X

As of late, T’way Air has been testing out their Airbuses on domestic flights between Seoul to Jeju Island. But now, they want to tap into Singapore as it has been an ideal destination for the airline, market-wise. This would revolutionize future flights to Korea in Singapore! 

What to expect from your flight from Singapore to Seoul

Starting 28 May 2022, T’way Air would be picking up their longer routes from Singapore to Incheon. All-fare economy class tickets for flights from Singapore start at S$266.90 while the starting price for all-fare business class tickets costs S$869.90. 

For T’way Air Business Class ticket holders, you’re rewarded a 30kg checked baggage allowance, plus 20kg carry-on baggage, and one complimentary meal. However, you won’t be granted airport lounge access, unless you have a Priority Pass visit or paid access to third-party lounges. 

While their current flight schedules run from 29 May to 10 Oct 2022, there seem to be limited options to personalise your flight schedules from Singapore to Incheon. 

T’way Air is currently offering a separate S$50 discount on baggage and flight tickets. They will soon be operating at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport. Click here to find out more! 

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If you’ve decided to book a ticket to Seoul, don’t forget to check out this link for more trip inspiration. Happy travelling and remember to stay safe!

Featured image credit: T’way Air | Official Facebook Page

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