Singapore Has the Best Bars in Southeast Asia, Acc to Annual Ranking

Singapore Has the Best Bars in Southeast Asia, According to Annual Ranking

Been to any of these bars before?

The results are in for the annual ranking of The World’s 50 Best Bars — and surprise, surprise — Singapore leads the race in Southeast Asia with six bars in the top 50. In fact, Singapore is the only Southeast Asian country that made it to the list. So even though Singapore probably has the strictest laws when it comes to curfew or drinking, it can still concoct some sick drinks.

Meanwhile, Spanish bars dominated the best bars in Europe with four making the list. However, the UK took first and second place in this year’s 50 best bars. Check out more countries around the world that made the cut!

Top 20 best bars in the world in 2021

Image credit: Nick Fewings

  1. Connaught Bar – London, UK
  2. Tayer + Elementary – London, UK
  3. Paradiso – Barcelona, Spain
  4. The Clumsies – Athens, Greece
  5. Floreria Atlantico – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Licoreria Limantour – Mexico City, Mexico
  7. Coa – Hong Kong
  8. El Copitas – St. Petersburg, Russia
  9. Jigger & Pony – Singapore
  10. Katana Kitten – New York, USA
  11. Two Schmucks – Barcelona, Spain
  12. Hanky Panky – Mexico City, Mexico
  13. Inside Bar – Moscow, Russia
  14. Baba Au Rum – Athens, Greece
  15. Manhattan – Singapore
  16. Atlas – Singapore
  17. Zuma – Dubai, UAE
  18. The SG Club – Tokyo, Japan
  19. Drink Kong – Rome, Italy
  20. 1930 – Milan, Italy

See the full list of 50 here

There’s nothing like world-class bars to indulge yourselves in a night out with your friends or S.O. The Singaporean bars Jigger & Pony and Manhattan are only a few of what the Little Red Dot has to offer. There are plenty more in Singapore to discover, like cool speakeasy bars with unique cocktails. Read more about them here!

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