TSA Warning: Avoid the Personal Belongings Tray at Airport X-Rays

TSA Warning: Avoid the Personal Belongings Tray at Airport X-Rays

Skip the personal belongings tray the next time you're at the airport!

We’ve all been concerned with the cleanliness of commonly icky places such as the plane’s toilet, or the contents of the seat pocket (no, don’t put your phone in there!). However, when it comes to true nastiness, a keyboard usually contains more germs than the toilet seat. But it seems there has been a place teeming with the microbial menaces that we have mostly overlooked. Here’s the TSA warning…

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The personal item bins at security checkpoints are rarely, if ever, sanitised, and it seems the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has taken notice in light of the coronavirus outbreak. The agency has made statements to the public that travellers should avoid putting their personal items right into the bin to avoid potential points of contact with not just the dreaded Covid-19, but just about any disease under the sun. 

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The TSA warning is as such:

“Bins in use in the security checkpoint are like any other piece of public property and should be treated as such. With hundreds of travellers coming through an airport security checkpoint each hour, the bins are a common use item. Do not place personal items such as wallets, keys or phone in a bin. Instead, secure them in carry-on property to be screened through the X-ray system.”

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With airports stepping up their game with regards to sanitisation, more accessible bottles of hand sanitiser have been spotted everywhere from the check-in counters to right beside the sinks of washrooms. Airlines have also removed their usual hot towelettes and are now giving out anti-bacterial hand wipes instead.

With all the worry about the Covid-19 these days, this step up in hygiene should be very welcome to travellers.

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