Passenger Coughs On Cabin Crew In Thai Airways Flight

Passenger Coughs On Cabin Crew In Thai Airways Flight

Unacceptable behaviours should not be tolerated.

A female Chinese passenger onboard Thai Airways selfishly preyed on the growing coronavirus outbreak fears just because she had to wait for the mandatory health screening for seven hours after landing in Shanghai, China. So what obnoxious behaviour did she resort to? The woman decided to take her frustration out on flight attendants by coughing on them as she became querulous and demanding. Chaos inevitably ensued on the Thai Airway plane! 

Passenger Coughs On Cabin Crew In Thai Airways Flight

Her attempt to get off the plane faster was futile. Instead, what she received was a shakedown from the male members of the crew.

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See the full post and video on A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge’s Facebook page here.

It may come as a surprise, but aircraft commanders and crew members are empowered to take the necessary measures to handle obstructive passengers.

Safety and security have always been the airline industry’s top priority. As such, many airlines train their crew to manage passengers who endanger the safety of the aircraft.

Hats off to the crew member for diffusing the situation swiftly! May we never see any other incident where a passenger coughs on cabin crew again!

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