Namaqualand: The Flowering Desert of South Africa

Namaqualand: The Flowering Desert of South Africa

During spring, lovely daisies and other flowers fill the arid region of Namaqualand in Namibia and South Africa, creating a surreal kaleidoscope of colours.

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Think of South Africa and you will most likely imagine deserts, safaris and wild animals. You wouldn’t think of brightly coloured flowers, would you? You’re in for a surprise. Namaqualand, a 440,000 square kilometres stretch of arid region in Namibia and South Africa, will change your perceptions of South Africa.


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During springtime, from early September to late November, this once barren land is filled with a kaleidoscope of colours. Orange and white daisies as well as other species of flowering plants cover the area for a short period of time, transforming Namaqualand into one of the most surreal landscapes one could ever find. So when you plan your safari tour in South Africa, schedule it in spring, when the daisies are in full bloom.

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Explore this beautiful region when you visit South Africa in spring.

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