Travel Lustily - Asian Countries With the Most Beautiful Women

Travel Lustily – Asian Countries With the Most Beautiful Women

Society has us all believed that beauty is only skin deep. The truth is, men still look for sex appeal in women. Here’re the list of Asian countries with the most beautiful women.

Although the rightful society has denied dazzling looks and enviable figures to determine a woman’s worth, psychological studies have shown that men still rank sex appeal as the most important. You’ll rarely hear a man publicly profess their love for the woman’s beauty (although they usually make headlines when they do). The truth is, charisma always appears in their thoughts.

Asia being the largest and most populous continent will naturally have the most beautiful women in the world. Guys, stop looking aimlessly for a beauty pageant to cross your path, here’s the list of Asian countries with the most beautiful girls you can lay your eyes on!

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Indian women have the most perfect combination of striking features and statuesque; other countries can hardly compete with them. Some of the most attractive beauty pageant contestants also came from India.

Image credit: athena

Despite not winning the Miss World title, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is still known to be the world’s most beautiful woman.


Aside from their dubitable gender, Thai women are known for being the sexiest women in the whole world. The perfect mix of Asian exotic looks coupled with their small stature and graceful body movements, good-nature and hospitality will make even the most refined man drool.

Image credit: drbutoni


The most notable feature for Vietnamese women is their surprisingly curvy bodies (Just look at their traditional costume!). Their hourglass figure is topped with sparkling faces of big, shiny eyes and small, petite lips are enough to make the hardest man humble and the toughest man tumble. Vietnamese women are also sweet, feminine and joyous to be with.

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Vietnamese traditional costume, tight fitting silk tunic finely elaborates Vietnamese women’s curves


Although most Japanese girls have thin-as-rake bodies with few curves, their faces are  to die for. They have the dolly looks of creamy skin with angled eyes and pouty lips. Plus, their endearing, feminine and friendly personality is sure to steal a second glance from most guys.

Image credit: trey


Miss World, Miss Supranatural, Miss International, you name it, they have it! Philippine women are one of the most popular in beauty pageants. Their beauty lies in the fusion of typical Asian with a tinge of Latin American looks – deep eyes , a pointed nose, and fair skin. Women in the Philippines are known to possess an exceptionally deep sense of allure and graciousness that fascinate men from all over the world.

Image credit: Dominic

Kim Chiu, one of the the most beautiful women in the Philippines.

Disclaimer: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and cliche as it sounds, every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. This list is by no means exhaustive.

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