A Sneak Peek Into Travel Revolution Fair August 2018

A Sneak Peek Into Travel Revolution Fair August 2018

Check out the Travel Revolution Fair this weekend to snatch up the best travel deals for your next holiday!

Travel Revolution Fair is back again for its August installment this year! Held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Halls A & B this weekend from 11am to 9.30pm, it boasts offerings from a myriad of international and local travel agencies, as well as tourism boards. This is an all-you-can-eat buffet for the traveller in you!

Revel in the wide array of booths and the palpable excitement in the air! Be greeted by beaming travel promoters who will readily hand out their multi-colored brochures to you. Don’t just chuck them away though; every page is filled with irresistible travel deals to your dream destinations.

From cultural land tours to a luxurious cruise getaway, you have the power to shape your next holiday experience. Besides holiday packages, you can also shop for travel necessities like WiFi routers, and check out credit card sign-up promotions.

Do you like freebies? Of course you do! At Travel Revolution 2018, expect interactive activities such as the Spin-the-Wheel game to win mini prizes, or even hop onto a futuristic machine to experience virtual reality travelling! What’s more, you can also talk to the travel promoters around to find out how you can obtain free travel adapters, toys, and even beautifully-designed luggages!

Travel is ultimately about immersing yourself into another country’s culture; some promoters have gone to great lengths to bring that cultural experience to you, by dressing up in cultural costumes! The brightly coloured Korean hanboks worn by them may perhaps inspire you to book a trip to the palaces of Seoul.

While the information found in the pamphlets and brochures can be easily found online, nothing beats the personal touch. The ever-friendly travel agents, with their wealth of knowledge, will smoothen your decision-making process. Can’t decide if you should go for the Melbourne cruise or the Tasmania land tour? Overwhelmed too many choices? Talk to the agents they can assist you in picking out the ideal holiday package that best caters to your needs and preferences.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for these adorable animal mascots! They are friendly and cuddly, and will be more than happy to take a selfie with you after you’ve collected your goodie bag of travel magazines.

Offering a delightful mix of sightseeing, shopping, cultural activities and adventure, the Travel Revolution 2018 is the fair for you to get started on planning your next vacation. With the convenience and flexibility afforded by the multitude of travel agencies in one place, you can enjoy great savings and forge precious memories together with your loved ones. So come on down to the Marina Bay Sands Expo Halls A & B this weekend to satisfy your wanderlust!

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