Hold on Tight! Disaster Cafe Lets You Dine with 7.8 Earthquake

Hold on Tight! Disaster Cafe Lets You Dine with 7.8 Earthquake

Sick and tired of the usual restaurants around? Eat out at Disaster Cafe and your whole dining experience will never be the same again!

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Who doesn’t freak out when earthquake strikes? Here’s one crazy cafe in Lloret de Mar, Spain where dining comes with a nerve-wracking 7.8 magnitude earthquake. People would normally run out for their lives when there’s an earthquake but instead of getting out, customers at Disaster Cafe hold on to their drinks and tactically keep their balance.

The cafe workers and staff are required to wear construction helmets while serving the meals intentionally made to be heavier than they should be. Customers have to be vigilant all the time because no one knows when the earthquake strikes. This cafe is so popular that if you wish to get a table, you have to make reservations in advance.

Can’t imagine how it is to dine at Disaster Cafe? Watch this normal scene.

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Head down to Spain and have an extraordinary dining experience at Disaster Cafe.

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