12 Ways to Exercise in Hazy Singapore Without Choking to Death

12 Ways to Exercise in Hazy Singapore Without Choking to Death

We can already hear your fats crying.

The recent haze has definitely put a damper on our spirits and a halt on many activities that we used to do without a second thought.

We never had to check any (PSI) readings before we planned a picnic, or went out for a walk around town with our friends. And we definitely didn’t have to worry about something as simple as opening our windows; we just did it.

Because of the hazy weather, many of our workout routines have also been put on hold too. And our efforts to keep fit have been debilitated to nothing more than just a short sprint to catch our bus.

If you’re feeling like you’re growing slightly pudgier by the day, here’s how to still keep in shape – even with the haze.

1. Jump all your calories away in an indoor trampoline park

indoor sports singaporeImage credit: AMPED Trampoline Park

Sweating doesn’t get any more fun than this. The indoor trampoline park (which can be found in River Valley or Jurong East) is the perfect excuse to get fit in this haze and still have a ball of a time. Prance around and de-stress simultaneously with your friends and family.

Apart from weight loss, jumping on trampolines increases white blood cells (enhances your immune system), helps to release harmful toxins (the jumping will stimulate your lymphatic system and will improve circulation) and builds bone mass (strengthens your bones and prevents osteoporosis).

All these perks of jumping and we’re not leaping for joy?  Go and grab your friends and have a good time jumping all your worries and your stress away!

2. Go indoor rock-climbing

rock-climbingImage credit: Climb Central

Get to the peak of your achievement when you go rock-climbing. Level up and work out your muscles as you ascend the wall. This is bound to get you quite sweaty which is a good sign that your body is hard at work! Plus, we found a place where you can do it indoors and that is at Climb Central located in Kallang Wave Mall. Adult rates are at $30 for admission inclusive of a set of equipment and youth rates are at $26! Rock climbing will get your heart rate going up while also building muscle and developing your stamina. Not only that, it scores high on the fun-level scale!

3. Work it out at the gym

Don’t let the lack of a gym-membership stop you from going to a gym. Places like ActiveSG gyms offer the most affordable admission rates at $2.50 for adult individuals and $1.50 for students and senior citizens! Other affordable gyms include Gymmboxx or The Gymnation.

Before you head to the gym, be sure to know what each machine does and which muscle groups they target. You don’t want to end up using an equipment the wrong way and risk injuring yourself (or your ego). Apart from that, you also have a trusty gym instructor/trainer whom you can ask for a more professional and tailored advice from.

4. Pit yourselves against each other in a sports hall

If you’re more of a team sports person, fret not. You and your friends can book a sports hall and let the hunger games begin. Make your body go all sorts of crazy with the amount of things you can do at a sports stadium.

With the space of a sports hall, you can opt to switch it up to a run or do exercise routines that don’t require equipment like pushups or squats. Gather your friends and collect all your bragging rights as you sweat it out in a game of captain’s ball.

May the odds ever be in your favour.

5. Be a badass at badminton

badmintonImage credit: David Pearson

If you enjoy sports that require a racket, badminton might just be the sport for you. Badminton not only helps you to keep fit, but it perks up your reflexes because of the intense level of coordination the game requires. With so many places you can book a badminton court, you will never have an excuse not to bat it out in a game or two with your friends and family.

6. Go insane with insanity workouts at home

If you’re looking for something intense yet time effective, try your hand at Insanity workouts. An insanity workout can last anywhere between 4 to 30 minutes. This is extremely useful for those of us who barely have enough time in a day. These short but intense workouts are meant to get your fats burning and they also speed up your metabolic rate.

Insanity workouts are meant to reduce total body fat and is not meant to build muscle mass. You can easily follow the workout routines on YouTube and can be done in the comfort of your own home without the need for any equipment.

Then again, who’s to say blasting your favourite song and dancing crazily in your bedroom won’t do the trick?

7. Or try Pilates at home

PilatesImage credit: Herald Post

Pilates is quite a popular choice among people who like to keep fit. Although usually confused with Yoga due to their similarities, Pilates offers a more structured workout as compared to Yoga, which leans toward a more meditative and spiritual side. Pilates help to work your core muscles and will even help to alleviate back pain if done correctly. Some of the key principles of Pilates are concentration, precision and breathing. If practised consistently over an extended period of time, it will reap you many rewards in the years to come; like improved breathing, strengthened endurance and a more fluid way of moving.

8. Join a dance class in your neighbourhood community centre

Image credit: Penn State

Speaking of dancing, a friend of mine books a dance studio at the community centre every Sunday; where she and her dance group will spend many hours sweating it out to the latest K-pop tunes. Take a cue from them and join a dance community at a CC near you. There are zumba classes, hip hop classes and many more that you can take your pick from. Dancing helps to build your muscle tone and strength. You can definitely look forward to shedding unwanted calories while you dance to you favorite hip hop beat.

9. Try your hand at pole dancing

Image credit: Alex Thompson

Definitely a more fun way of keeping fit, pole dancing offers you another alternative to static workouts to help you keep trim during the haze. You can join classes at places like Groove Dance School, Bobbi’s Pole Studio and Slap. Pole dancing helps to improve your flexibility and will be sure to get your heart pumping!

10. Download the Passport Asia app and enter a whole new world of sports and fitness

Passport Asia appImage credit: Passport Asia

If there is one app you download today, you should definitely download the Passport Asia app. The app will show you a whole myriad of classes you can join to keep fit! This is a great option for those who like to switch it up a little. Some of the classes that are offered ranges from aikido to parkour. With so many to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

11. Slide on your kickboxing gloves

kickboxingImage credit: Active Red

Tough it out and take out your stress at kickboxing. A sure fire way to destress and let off any pent up steam, kickboxing is a great way to keep fit. Active Red offers classes for beginners to even athletes who want to push their limits. Plus, it’s a great way to learn how to throw a good punch!

12. Show off your ice skating chops

ice skatingImage credit: The Rink

Bet you didn’t know that you can get sweaty after spending time in an ice rink! But you can get some calories seriously burning with this sport. Although the muscles targeted in this sport is a little more concentrated on the lower half of your body, this sport will definitely strengthen your joints in no time. Try The Rink at JCube and have a great time chilling with your family!

So stop putting off exercising and start sweating it all out. Your body will love you for it. With so many alternatives (to staying at home and be a growing couch potato), there’s no reason for you to let that gut get any bigger in this hazy season!

Buuuuttt, if the haze lightens up and you’re just itching to go cycling, here are 5 trails you should definitely find the time to try out!

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