Alone This Valentine's Day? Here Are the Best Destinations for Singles to Travel and Mingle Your Way Out of Singlehood

Alone This Valentine’s Day? Here Are the Best Destinations for Singles to Travel and Mingle Your Way Out of Singlehood

Bored of being single this Valentine’s Day? Why not book a flight and mingle your way out of singlehood in an exciting city!

As Valentines’ Day comes around, instead of brooding over being alone, how about booking a flight to a bright and lively place where you can tinder your way out of singlehood? With so many bustling cities boasting incredible nightlife, the world truly is your oyster. From the eclectic club scene in Seoul to the charming seaside lifestyle in Playa del Carmen, here is a list of cities you can spend your Valentines’ Day in!

Barcelona, Spain

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Home to unique back streets cafes and stunning architectural designs, Barcelona is a lively city where you can enjoy both culture and nightlife to your heart’s content. Considered one of the liveliest cities in Europe and is the perfect place to mingle and meet new people. Barcelona is for all travelers and a huge percentage of them are traveling alone or in friend groups. One of the best ways to experience the local culture and to also meet other travelers is by spending your nights in the many bars in the city! Clubs are also packed wall to wall with single locals and tourists, perfect for the solo traveler looking to find someone new and dance the night away. 

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Best known as a paradise for solo travelers thanks to its cheap living costs, endless natural wonders and more, Playa del Carmen is also the place to be for singles looking to mingle. A simple stroll down 5th Avenue will show you the multitudes of travelers in this city from all over the world. There are also many singles resorts and hotels to choose from where you can find an abundance of activities to partake in! Playa del Carmen is also home to a great foreign expat community and a vibrant lifestyle which will allow you to simply join in the crowd. Playa del Carmen is also just a short hour away from Cancun where you can also explore and party your days away!

Bangkok, Thailand

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Known as the “Land of Smiles”, Bangkok is a mecca for singles on vacation. With a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, Bangkok is the perfect getaway where you can wild out in the city at night and find an island nearby to soak up the sun in the morning! While Bangkok is infamous for sex tourism, those who are looking to meet new people and singles who are travelling, Khao San Road is home to a number of hostels which houses young single travellers. The exciting night life there is also a perfect way to meet like-minded people to engage and have a good time with!

Zagreb, Croatia

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Voted among best cities in Europe for singles, Zagreb is a great city for single people and home to a young population. One of the ways to truly feel the local culture is to bask in the big coffee scene where you can meet new people. Zagreb is also home to romantic parks, charming winding streets and impressive architecture. Another easy way is to explore the city by enjoying the nightlife. Hang out in the bars with the locals, taste the local craft beer and kick back as you meet other travellers!

New Orleans, U.S

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Louisiana is home to the most single people per capita in the United States and it is no wonder why New Orleans is a top spot for singles. The lively city is perfect for romance and magic where you can mingle and meet someone new. One of America’s oldest and greatest cities ever, New Orleans is bustling with activities which you can enjoy with the many exciting people you will meet in this city. The birthplace of jazz and host to more than 130 festivals a year, New Orleans will sweep you off your feet with its exhilarating allure. 

Paris, France

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When you think of romance, Paris often comes up in your mind as the romance capital. But do you know that 43% of adults living in the capital are single? That’s close to half and that excluding the many people who travel to this beautiful city. If you know where to look and where to go, there is definitely a chance to meet someone new. Join a pub crawl or simply enjoy the nightlife in this enchanting city where people are always eager to have a drink and party the night away. Head on down to the 10th and 11th arrondissements where the crowd is less touristy and more densely populated with people who are young, single and ready to mingle!

Melbourne, Australia

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Hailed as one of the world’s most livable cities, Melbourne is also the perfect destination for singles with its thriving cultures. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, the singles crowd here reportedly visits the museums and exhibits at least once a month. Stopping by the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Museum is a good idea to meet single locals and to also enjoy the city! The central business district is also home to many fun bars where you can also meet friendly locals. Melbourne is perfect for the traveler who is looking to mingle and to immerse in the growing cultural scene.

Seoul, South Korea

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A pulsating metropolis, Seoul is slowly becoming one of Asia’s hottest cities boasting incredible architecture and an exciting nightlife. Koreans are also a friendly bunch who love to socialise and meet new people, perfect for the solo traveler. Nightlife here is also one of the most thrilling experiences here. There are even after party clubs that open at 7AM for you to continue your night well into daylight! The drinking culture here is also well-loved so as long as you have soju in hand and the energy to go all out, Seoul is the perfect spot for you to meet other like-minded singles!

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