Man Skips Exams And Cycles From India to Singapore

Man Skips Exams And Cycles From India to Singapore

Let’s be real: this guy has probably done our year’s worth of exercise — and puts us all to shame.

The story of Himanshu shows us that you can do anything, as long as you set your mind to it. With no sponsor and just a basic bicycle, one would think that such a journey would be impossible but not to this New Delhi guy. Cycle From India to Singapore

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Skipping his final Chartered Accountant exams, Himanshu Goel cycled from his hometown Ranchi, all the way to Singapore. Covering over 150km per day, Himanshu completed the journey in just 55 days. He only carried basic essentials an inflatable mattress, air pump, some clothes, puncture equipment, first aid kit, water bottle, phone, sleeping bag and camping gear.

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Image credit: @sometraveldreams

To get to Singapore, this young man cycled through Bangladesh, Tripura, Assam, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. With limited money, he often relied on the kindness of locals who would sometimes offer him free lodging. 

But Himanshu’s journey was not always smooth-sailing. While exploring a temple in Malaysia, he was mugged and had his bicycle tires punctured. Another time, he fell off his bicycle after being grazed by a car. Bleeding from his shoulders and palms, he shouldered on, cycling for another 80km before reaching his destination. Cycle From India to Singapore

Image credit: @sometraveldreams

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Despite facing his share of troubles, Himanshu is not deterred one bit. In fact, he plans to take things a step further by cycling from India to… Europe! We’re cheering you on Himanshu: we can’t wait for you to travel the entire world just on your bike! Now that would be a good story for the grandkids. 

If this story doesn’t inspire you to quit your job and travel the world, we don’t know what will! Cycle From India to Singapore

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