'Travel By Drone' Web App Lets You See The World Differently

‘Travel By Drone’ Web App Lets You See The World Differently

'Travel By Drone' web app offers visitors breathtaking views of never-before-seen perspectives and angles that you may not see even if you travel there.

travel by drone

The new web app called ‘Travel By Drone’ offers visitors breathtaking views of never-seen-before perspectives and angles from drone hobbyists all over the world.

Travel By Drone is a compilation site that is accessed based on geographical locations on Google Maps.

It’s real easy all you have to do is pick whichever location you wish to have a bird’s eye view of.

So earlier today, I gave the website a shot.

drone 1

 First up, some local fanfare for warmup

This was me hanging around in Bangladesh before takeoff.

drone 2

 And we have lift off.

drone 3

 I tried telling my drone not to be so stalky on this hot jogger but it wouldn’t listen.

drone 4

 Said hi to some tourists in Brazil

drone 5

 Paid a visit to my homeboys in Rio De Janeiro

Here’s a video taken from the website on an aerial view of Singapore:

Excited for the future of drones?

We sure are!

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