15 Struggles of a Travel Junkie with an Office Job

15 Struggles of a Travel Junkie with an Office Job

With an office job always in the way of your plans, having these travel junkie struggles cannot be more real.

Travel junkies juggling weekend adventures with weekday workload require a great deal of will power to last through a week without throwing in the towel. When your mind is always off to paradise, focusing at the task at hand can be tricky.

Everyday, travel junkies with a full-time office job face these struggles:

1. Daydreaming about your next adventure is part of your daily routine

jakarta skylineImage credit: The Diary of a Hotel Addict

Your next travel is still months away, but you’re already imagining yourself exploring the streets of Tokyo or trying all the yummy Thai street food. You’re too excited to shut up your thoughts.

2. You often find yourself browsing travel blogs during office hours

travel junkie strugglesImage credit:  GotCredit

Downtime, crunch time or free time, you subconsciously open your favourite travel blogs to escape reality even just for a bit. If you can’t be on an airplane right now, then you can at least travel through blogs.

3. And you’re always of thinking of quitting your job to travel the world


For now it’s just a pipe dream, but who knows what will happen in the next few years?

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4. Every long weekend must be spent on a worthwhile trip

singapore long weekend 2016

You’re always the first to know the dates of the regular holidays to meticulously plan your travels for the entire year. Holidays are too precious to be wasted on just staying at home.

5. That’s why you cry a little inside when you’re required to go to work on a holiday

Goodbye, dearest travel plans. O ye travel gods, why did you forsake me?

6. It’s only Monday but you are already looking forward to Friday

Image credit: martinak15

The great outdoor is already calling out for your name. Because of this, the Monday blues are much harder to beat.

7. Office meetings are the bane of your existence

asia pacific beachesImage credit: George Parilla

You should instead be lounging in a beach somewhere in the Pacific.

8. Travelling for work just isn’t the same thing

travel for work

But of course, you’re still thankful for the free trip!

9. Your travel bucket list is growing everyday

travel bucket list

Sadly, your time for travelling doesn’t seem to be increasing. The world is too vast to finish exploring on weekends.

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10. Friends and officemates save up for the latest gadget, while you save every cent for your next travel

travel essentials

A new smart phone seems insignificant compared to a new city you have yet to explore.

11. You’re always on the look out for promo flights so you’re kind of thankful for always being in front of your computer


You’re subscribed to every airline newsletter there is, because you cannot miss a travel discount for the world.

12. Your friends are on the brink of hating you because you can’t shut up about your travels


Can anyone blame you for falling in love with every city you step your foot on?

13. Saving enough to go on another trip is the sole motivation to survive through a work day

Image credit: Kate Ter Haar

Pay day, please come quickly. There are accommodations left unpaid and budgeting wholly dependent on you.

14. Travel hangover is a real thing

travel hangoverImage credit: Jon Rawlison

Even when you just got home after weeks of travelling, you’re already itching to be back on the road.

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15. There’s a constant longing for exploration and adventure


Because this travel bug just can’t be cured.

If you’re struggling with these dilemmas, don’t bother trying to escape them. We all know that travelling is the only cure.

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