9 Best Flower Fields in Thailand That Will Make Your Jaws Drop!

9 Best Flower Fields in Thailand That Will Make Your Jaws Drop!

Can you imagine frolicking amidst a kaleidoscope of colours?

I have never really had a bucket list, but if I were to have one, witnessing Mother Nature blush in the Land of Smiles would have to be my top priority. For those armed with a thirst for wanderlust, we have sniffed out the best flower fields in Thailand which rival Hokkaido’s beauty.

1. Singha Park

Adrenaline junkies often head to Singha Park in Chiang Rai to seek out exhilarating activities; ziplining over a vast tea plantation, rock climbing and even an adventure rope course. But the highlight is definitely its eye-popping flower fields which stretch on for miles and miles. If you are lucky, you just might chance upon swans gliding in the lake to make your experience extra memorable! 

best flower fields thailand singha park

Doesn’t this make for a scenic scooter ride? | Image credit: Singha Park Chiang Rai Official Facebook Page

They say that the best way to explore this dreamy wonderland is on a set of wheels, and we can see why. An endless bed of blooms line the roads, conjuring the illusion of a whimsical tunnel-like path. This can’t help but give us rural Japanese countryside feels.

If you find it inconvenient to lug your own bike over, fret not. There are tandem bikes for rent, and even children’s bicycles if you have your little ones in tow. With all that, don’t hesitate to make this place your next family getaway!

best flower fields thailand singha park

What a picture-perfect experience! | Image credit: Singha Park Chiang Rai Official Facebook Page

The peak season falls between mid-November to end January. Seek respite from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and be one with nature in these flower fields which look straight out of a storybook. Stroll through breathtaking floral fields, from colourful Cosmos to glorious Sunn Hemps. Ready your cameras to snap the perfect golden hour selfie amidst a kaleidoscope of colours. This is bound to be an ethereal experience! 

Drift over flower fields in style

singha park balloon fiesta thailand

During the peak season, the park is ablaze with vibrant orangey-pink Cosmos. | Image credit: Singha Park Chiang Rai Official Facebook Page

The most beautiful time at Singha Park is arguably during its Balloon Fiesta. Held over five days, this spectacular festival draws avid wanderers from all walks of life. We don’t know about you, but picturing hot air balloons lifting into the skies creates a tingling sense of adventure. 

singha park balloon fiesta thailand

Experience Disney and Pixar’s Up in real life. | Image credit: Singha Park Chiang Rai Official Facebook Page

Hitch a hot air balloon ride to experience an uninhibited 360-degree panoramic view of the landscape flooded with flower fields. This is the very picture of serenity. At the most incredible vantage point to catch the sunset, you’d put even your greatest troubles on hold. 

2. Jim Thompson Farm

The beautiful flower fields at Jim Thompson Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima Province are seen over 600 rai of land at Payaprab Mountain. Watching the earth burst into life with myriad shades is bound to revitalise even the most weary city dweller. This agricultural site was founded as a production site for silk eggs, where farmers would purchase fresh cocoons for the production of silk thread! 

Jim Thompson Farm thailand flower fields

These flowers paint a breathtaking picture so surreal, you will feel as if you have been whisked away to Hokkaido. | Image credit: Jim Thompson Farm Official Website

Not only is Jim Thompson Farm home to flower fields, but it also boasts of an organic fruit and vegetable garden. While your evening away basking in the ephemeral beauty of this natural paradise; we promise this will be a rejuvenating experience! 

Experience a day in the life of a farmer

Jim Thompson Farm thailand

Paradise certainly isn’t very far away. | Image credit: Jim Thompson Farm Official Website

What’s more, it even offers a farm tour, where you can experience a day in the life of a farmer by harvesting rice and vegetables. Spend a zen afternoon at its multi-coloured rice paddy; we daresay that this is the experience of a lifetime!

Aside from the gorgeous natural landscapes of Payaprab Mountain and Lam Samai Reservoir, many flock here to visit this pumpkin patch adorned with giant golden pumpkins. This is a tourist attraction that can stand alone if you ask us!

Jim Thompson Farm thailand

This lively Cosmos field is one of the farm’s five main attractions. | Image credit: Jim Thompson Farm Official Website

Dreaming of frolicking in Cosmos and French Marigold floral fields? This flower farm only opens its doors to tourists once a year between December to mid-January; so save the date! Even though it remains open for a fleeting while, its mesmerising flower fields are well worth the wait. Its elusiveness makes it all the more appreciated, too. If this isn’t one of Thailand’s best flower fields, we don’t know what is! 

Tip: Hop aboard its free tram service to save your legs from aching! 

3. Flora Park

flora park thailand

Witness the land erupt in a riot of colour. | Image credit: Flora Park Official Facebook Page

If you are in the vicinity of Jim Thompson Farm, why not check out Flora Park? This hidden gem lies a picturesque hour’s drive away. Nestled in the heart of Wang Nam Khiao, its majestic mountains and alluring floral fields speak volumes about its moniker “Switzerland of Isan”. 

Fun fact: Northeastern Thailand is often referred to as Isan. It is located roughly two and a half hours from Bangkok. 

flora park thailand

We can almost smell the aromatic fragrance that lingers in the air. | Image credit: Flora Park Official Facebook Page

The best time to visit is between December to February, as the cool and pleasant climate provides favourable conditions for the flowers to blossom. Don’t miss out on the Flora Park Festival, which is a celebration of more than 100,000 flowers of over 20 species in full bloom.

flora park thailand best flower fields

Doesn’t this look like a pastel-coloured fairytale? | Image credit: Flora Park Official Facebook Page

Feast your eyes on a host of blooms in various hues. From rarities such as crimson Pink Cassia and Spathodea Campanulata, to Petunias and Begonias, you are bound to be enthralled the moment you step into this floral paradise. 

4. Lop Buri’s sunflower fields

thailand sunflowers

These beaming yellow gems are bound to lift your spirits. | Image credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Frolicking in Lop Buri’s sunflower fields is akin to walking on sunshine. If you hope to catch them in their full glory, heading down during the cooler season from November to January would be your best bet. During this time, witness nature roll out its natural golden carpet in one of Thailand’s best flower fields. 

You too can witness nature’s splendour by following directions to this undiscovered wonderland here.

5. I Love Flower Farm

I Love Flower Farm thailand

Isn’t this an enchanting sight? | Image credit: I Love Flower Farm Official Facebook Page

At first, I was truly tickled by its quirky moniker. However, the sight of its flower fields left me speechless. These purple-clad fields in Mae Rim are bound to be everything that you’ve been looking for.

I Love Flower Farm thailand

You will be greeted by an idyllic ambience upon setting foot in this flower farm. | Image credit: I Love Flower Farm Official Facebook Page

The flower farm is famed for its Marguerite and Cutter flowers, which are truly a sight to behold. It also has a limit on the number of visitors per day; so do go down early if you can. 

Note: Advance reservation is required; so remember to book before travelling down to avoid making a wasted trip.

6. Talay Bua Daeng

Talay Bua Daeng Red Lotus Sea thailand

This is a spectacle you’d be sorry to miss. | Image credit: Tourism Thailand Malaysia Official Facebook Page

If you are heading to Udon Thani, you owe it to yourself to explore Talay Bua Daeng, or the Red Lotus Sea. A whopping 16,800-acre wide, this sea of pink Lotuses has redefined the quintessential sightseeing experience. 

Come December to March, soak up the postcard-worthy view of the lake teeming with millions of Lotuses. Hop aboard a pontoon boat, which brings you on a 45-minute tour around the lake to get a closer access to this natural spectacle.

Tip: Do come early if possible, as these flowers tend to blossom during the cooler time of the day between 6am and 12pm.

Although this requires travelling off the beaten path, you will be duly rewarded by the sight of Lotuses blooming in unison. 

7. Phu Soi Dao National Park

Phu Soi Dao National Park thailand

These will surely brighten up your day. | Image credit: Phu Soi Dao National Park Official Facebook Page

Stop and smell the wildflowers at Phu Soi Dao National Park in Phitsanulok for a restorative refuge. This trekking haven is home to crystal waterfalls such as the famous five-tier Phu Soi Dao waterfall. 

Fun fact: This park has a cool climate all year ‘round due to its altitude at 2,102m above sea level. 

Although it is a six-hour climb to the peak, your uphill struggle will be rewarded by flourishing purple Murdannia flowers. From mid-August to early October, the park’s natural pine forest is brightened by the abundance of these delicate blooms.

You can even camp under the stars. There’s nothing quite like falling asleep to the gush of the waterfall, and waking up to a lush meadow bursting with a delightful array of flowers. As the song goes in Aladdin — it’s a whole new world!

8. Mon Cham

Located on a hill ridge in the area of Mong Nong Hoi village, Mon Cham is brimming with colourful blooms, from Poppies to Verbena Bonariensis in unadulterated nature. There is even a log swing at the peak that is perfect for your Instagram aesthetic; so bring along a good camera to snap memories!

Savour its blooming season, which falls between October and February. You’d be hard-pressed to believe that this used to be a desolate forest in the past. 

Tip: The best way to travel to Mon Cham is by car. This is because the roads leading to Mon Cham are lateritic soil trails, which makes it difficult to navigate on foot. 

9. Hua Takhe Old Market

RakDok Floral Weeks will be bringing a splash of colours to Hua Takhe Old Market in Bangkok from now till 4 August 2020. This event aims to uplift the spirits of the people whilst fighting the ongoing pandemic. 

One of its highlights is indisputably this boat atop a dreamy blanket of purple Statice blooms. You will naturally feel as if you were rowing on a floral lake! 

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You too can make the most of your holiday dollars by clocking maximum mileage, if you know about the scenic spots to go. We hope that our picks of the best flower fields in Thailand have fed your wanderlust!

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