Walking, Cycling and Kayaking Tours Will Now Have a 20-Person Limit

Walking, Cycling and Kayaking Tours Will Now Have a 20-Person Limit

Tour participants will still remain in sub-groups of five!

Walking, cycling, and kayaking tours with family and friends are a great way to spend the weekend, right? Well, there is some great news – these tours will now have an increased 20-person limit!

Tours 20-person limit

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said that walking, cycling, and kayaking tours will be capped at 20. The current maximum group size stands at 10 participants. The 20-person limit for these tours will take effect from 1 Nov 2020. 

Group restrictions and safe distancing

The new 20-person limit is exclusive of the tour guide. However, despite the increased limit, it is still important to maintain social responsibility and practice safe distancing. 

Thus, tour participants will still have to remain in sub-groups of five which is the current social gathering group limit. Furthermore, those from different sub-groups will have to maintain a one-metre distance and avoid intermingling at all times. 

tours 20-person limit

Participants will hence be split into four groups of five. Members within sub-groups will be allowed to interact with one another during the course of the tour. 

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Resumption of on-site operations for travel agencies and tours

Apart from the increased 20-person limit, STB also said that travel agencies and tour operators can resume on-site operations from 19 Oct 2020. This is subject to guidelines from the Manpower Ministry of safe management measures at the workplace. 

Businesses must submit their manpower details to the government’s GoBusiness portal within two weeks of resuming operations. 

Tours carried out with live or pre-recorded commentary would still require approval to resume operations. Furthermore, travel agents, tour operators, and tourist guides have to submit their tour itineraries and schedules to STB for review. They can only conduct the tours once they receive approval from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 


While the country is slowly resuming activities, Singaporeans must still remain vigilant and practice social distancing! 

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