SIA to Become First Airline to Test IATA Travel Pass This Month

Singapore Airlines (SIA) to Become First Airline to Test IATA Travel Pass This Month

It will become the first airline to do so!

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be piloting the International Air Transport Associations (IATA) Travel Pass later this month. According to a press release from the national carrier of Singapore, it will become the first airline to carry out trials on the mobile application for digital health verification. 

Beginning 15 Mar 2021, passengers travelling from Singapore to London will be able to access the IATA Travel Pass. Only Apple mobile phones or iOS devices will be able to run the app. The trial will end on 28 Mar 2021

What is the travel app?

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According to the IATA official website, the IATA Travel Pass is a mobile application that allows travelers to store and manage certifications for COVID-19 tests or vaccines. With various governments requiring COVID-19 free certificates and vaccination proof as a prerequisite to enter countries during (and after) this pandemic, the IATA Travel Pass can be utilised to streamline and expedite health verification processes already in place. Eventually, IATA sets its sights on instilling confidence in the government to reopen borders without mandating quarantine on international visitors. 

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Features of the IATA travel pass Singapore Airlines will be rolling out

  • Users can create a digital identification with their photo and passport information. 
  • Insert flight information.
  • Book pre-departure COVID-19 test at one of seven participating clinics in Singapore via an online portal.
  • Register at the clinic using the digital ID and flight information.
  • View COVID-19 test result directly.
  • View confirmation status to fly. 
  • Present confirmed status and test result to check-in staff.

Due to current regulations, travellers will still need to carry a physical copy of their health certificate.

With the usage of the app, participants can expect an expeditious check-in process. Additionally, it will grant them ‘digital agency’ – the complete control of their personal health data given the sensitive nature of it. 

If the test run achieves desired results, SIA will consider incorporating the entire digital health verification process into its SingaporeAir mobile app in the second quarter of the year, in accordance with IATA’S Travel Pass framework. 

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