Johor to Build Aircon Walkway Across Causeway

Johor to Build Aircon Walkway Across Causeway

Besides air conditioning, it'll come with escalators too!

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Those who have walked across the Causeway will attest to the hot and uncomfortable conditions when doing so. But things are about to change. Visitors from both countries can look forward to cooler travelling as Johor proposes an aircon walkway across the Causeway. 

According to Johor public works, infrastructure and transport committee chairman Mohd Solihan Badri, RM30 million (S$9.88 million) in funding has been requested from the Malaysian federal government for the project. 

Singapore interested

For now, Johor’s aircon walkway plans only involve their side of the Causeway. This will stretch across 350m. The icing on the cake? The aircon walkway will come with escalators as well. Now you won’t need to lug your luggage up stairs anymore!

Mohd Solihan also revealed that Singapore has expressed an interest in extending the walkway to their side as well. Several officials from the Singapore Consulate-General in Johor Bahru had broached the topic in a recent meeting.

“They asked for the design of the walkway so that they can submit a proposal to their government to extend the walkway,” said Mohd Solihan.

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A breath of fresh air for Causeway commuters

News of Johor’s aircon walkway for the Causeway will be music to the ears to some. It is estimated that hundreds of pedestrians cross the Causeway on foot daily before COVID-19. With this new feature, both Singaporeans and Malaysians can enjoy a more comfortable commute between the two neighbouring countries.

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