Top 10 Beaches You Need to Visit in Korea

Top 10 Beaches You Need to Visit in Korea

Looking for the best beaches in South Korea? Here's the top 10, ranging from the remote such as Jinha beach and the wildly popular such as Haeundae Beach.

Summer is round the corner and it calls for a beach vacation. Korea is surrounded by water on three sides and has an array of beaches for the beach-bums. Some of these beaches are commercialised, offering watersport activities and great dining options, and others are quiet and secluded. If you wish a beach vacation in Korea, take your pick from this list of top 10 beaches in South Korea.

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1. Jungmun beach

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Jungmun Beach is the southernmost beach of Korea, located at Jeju Island. This 560 meters long beach is a very popular destination for travellers and locals alike. Water sports like windsurfing or jet skiing can be done here, and water of the beach is warm enough for a dip from the start of summer till around August. The sand of this beach is of varying colours, such as black, red, brown and white. Jungmun Beach is surrounded by picturesque scenery all around, with cliffs and caves and rare plants of many kinds. A Beach Film Festival and a Summer festival held here during the summer season.

2. Jeondongjin beach

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Jeondongjin Beach is a beautiful white sand beach which offers spectacular sunrise views. Picture the sun rising over the ocean, with golden beams flooding the beautiful pine-covered landscape that surrounds the beach.

The sunrise festival in Jeondongjin Sunrise Park is popular and draws many tourists, especially during the New Year. During other time of the year, Jeondongjin Beach is a great place for people in search of calm and peace. There is also a small alley to the right of the railway station at the beach which leads to a trail up the mountain. Follow that trail for an unforgettable view from the top.

3. Hyeopjae beach

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Hyeopjae Beach is gorgeous six hundred metre white sand beach along the southern coast of Korea. It offers an amazing sunset view with the Biyangdo Island at a distance. Hyeopjae Beach is very good for swimming as the waters are shallow and coast has a very gentle slope. Sea shells are aplenty on the silver-colored sand and the cobalt-colored waters are crystal clear. The black basalt on one side of the sandy plain makes picturesque scenery. The nearby Hallim Park, which has many shady trees, is a good place for a stroll to seek respite from the heat.

4. Naksan beach

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Naksan Beach stretches four kilometres along the south coast of mainland Korea. In summer, the beach sees a large number of tourists who are drawn to its beauty. The waters of the beach are shallow and clear, and a peak called Nak-San, accessible with a short hike, offers great views. Other attractions nearby include Naksansa Temple and Uisangdae.

5. Sangju beach

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Sangju Beach, also along the southern coast of Korea, covers a length of two kilometres and is wider than many other beaches of Korea.  It is a beautiful silver sand beach with clear waters and dense groves. The landscape is beautiful with fascinating rocks and a backdrop of Mt. Geumsan. The sunrise from Geumsan Boriam is an awe-inspiring sight. Sangju Beach is exceptionally good for taking long barefoot strolls as the sand is soft. The nearby islands of Namuseom or Dolseum is also a great place to visit for ocean fishing.

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6. Haeundae beach

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Haeundae Beach is a premier tourist destination, and it is a safe for children and novice swimmers. The beach tends to be crowded and lively during the summer owing to its popularity. Haeundae Beach is also famous for the sunrise over the horizon and moonrise from Haewoljeong Pavilion. The hot springs nearby are said to have healing properties.  There are various cultural festivals and events taking place throughout the year. The Haemaji (sunrise) Festival, Polar Bear Swimming Contest, Haeundae Sand Festival, Haeundae Beach Festival are a few to mention. Traditional games such as seesaw jumping, Korean wrestling, tuho, tug-of-war and yutnori can also be enjoyed at Folk Square, located nearby.

7. Songjeong beach

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Songjeong Beach is located near Haeundae Beach in the southern part of Korea. Songjeong Beach, with its fine sand and shallow waters, is an ideal spot for family outings. The beach is more than one kilometre long and is covered with beautiful white sand. The best place in Songjeong Beach to catch the sunrise and sunset is the Songiljeong Pavilion. Jukdo Park, at the very entrance of the beach, presents relaxing facilities in the evergreen groves.  Tiny marble like sea shells lie all over the beach, and the dock is used by motor boats and cruises. Fishing is another popular activity at the northeast end of the beach. The beach is also known for its Harvest Full-Moon Seaweed Festival and the Songjeong Beach Festival.

8. Gyeongpo beach

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Gyeongpo Beach, located near Gyeongpodae, covers a length of six kilometres. It is a fine sand beach formed between Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean. The beach is most noted for the awesome view of sunrises and sunsets. The surrounding greenery of the pine forests and the presence of wild rose bushes scattered throughout add to the charm of Gyeongpo Beach.

Cherry trees in full bloom makes for a wonderful sight in the spring. The Festival of Cherry Blossoms is also held at the beach during this time. There is also a beach festival and other events held at Gyeongpo Beach during the summer months.

9. Jinha Beach

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This secluded beach called Jinha beach is located in the southeast coast of Korea, two hundred and forty two kilometres from Ulsan.  It is only one kilometre long, but the beach is almost a paradise on its own. The warm and shallow waters are perfect for swimming, and the surrounding pine trees only add to the enormous beauty of the place. Two nearby islands, Ideokdo Island and Myeongseungdo Island, offer a nice sunrise view along with fishing facilities.

10. Songho beach

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Songho beach, located at the southernmost part of the Korean peninsula, is the most famous beach of Haeum. The dense pine forests in the surrounding area makes for a scenic landscape. The fine sand and shallow waters make  Songho beach a perfect beach destination for family vacations. Those in search of a nice beach minus the crowds will enjoy the serenity of Songho beach. There is also a campsite in the area.

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