Top Unforgettable (and Unique!) Winter Experiences in Korea

Top Unforgettable (and Unique!) Winter Experiences in Korea

There are a plethora of activities to take part in during winter that we fear a week-long trip would hardly be enough to cover them all.

With your year-end bonus safely banked in, you’re probably eager to run off to a snow-filled country to escape the woes of this sunny island.

If you’re planning on taking a vacation to South Korea this coming winter, boy have we got a line up of activities for you to dive headfirst into! So don’t bother cracking your head trying to think “what else is there to do other than skiing?”, here’s a list of the best winter activities South Korea has to offer.

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1. Go for a spot of Ice Fishing

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Think of it like midnight prawning or fishing in the canals, but better (and colder, obviously). It’s the classic cartoon depiction of someone fishing next to a hole in the ice come to life. If you pop by during the height of winter when the ice is at it’s thickest, you might get to partake in one of South Korea’s ice fishing festivals!

Whether you take part in Pyeongchang Trout Festival or Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, you’re guaranteed a bucket load of fun (and fish, if you’re good enough). For a small fee, you can have your catch turned into a tasty meal nearby too.

2. Pedal down a rail track

Image credit: Visit Korea

Perhaps you might have once thought that it would be great to go sightseeing without having to get up from your chair. Well, here you can! Just 40-minutes away from the heart of Seoul, Gangchon Rail Bike Park gives you the opportunity to take a relaxing ride along snow-sprinkled scenery. All you have to do is pedal.

After you’re done making your way past the frozen Bukhangan river along the Mugunghwa train tracks, there’s still a whimsical train ride awaiting you at the end of it.

3. Ride a horse through the snow

Image credit: Jeju Tourism Organisation

Live out your Lord of the Rings dreams while you’re here! While you might not get to gallantly gallop across the land with a sword by your side and the wind on your back, we’d say the experience comes pretty close to that.

Jeju Horse Park offers an experience of a lifetime. Far from being an enclosed circle with soggy trodden grass, the riding trails here lead through the snow-lined forest and past the coasts.

4. Warm up at a Water Park Hot Spring

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as giving your well-used muscles its well-needed R&R by soaking in a hot spring in the middle of a snowy landscape. Every winter, Korea’s biggest waterparks become a haven for those seeking to have some fun while ridding themselves of a frosty winter chill.

Both their saunas and hot springs feature different mineral-rich ingredients intended to help warm the body and rid it of fatigue. If you’re a shy one, you’ll be glad to know that unlike their Japanese counterparts, Korean saunas and waterparks allow you to wear a bathing suit into the water!

5. Have a hand at strawberry picking

Image credit: Republic of Korea

We all know that South Korea is home to some of the sweetest varieties of strawberries out there, so what better way to enjoy them than right at the source itself? These sweet berries are in-season and are at their plumpest and ripest in winter. Trust us when we say you won’t be able to resist taking a bite out of these juicy fruits as you pick them.

As the farms are usually further out, it’s highly recommended to take a day trip to visit other scenic winter wonderlands such as Nami Island, before swinging over to a nearby farm to end the day with picking your own desserts.

6. Celebrate the first sunrise of the year

Image credit: Visit Korea

The ultimate way to end the year off might be to watch the fireworks go off at the famous Lotte World Tower, but a better-kept secret is that the first sunrise at Homigot Sunrise Festival is simply stunning.

At the easternmost point of the Korean Peninsula, you can get the best view of the sun’s rich hues of orange and red as it rises. To celebrate the first dawn, the festival is packed with traditional performances, a concert and even a fire show! It’s also the best time to sample their new year delicacy called tteokguk too.


Has the heat from the sun gotten to you yet? Sounds like the perfect excuse to enjoy the last of winter this season!


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