This Video Shows the Safe Busan Destinations Amidst COVID-19!

This Video With the Little Prince Shows the Safe Busan Destinations Amidst COVID-19!

Did you know that Busan has a lot of nature trails?

Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea, has more to it than being the final destination of the epic thriller movie Train to Busan. It’s a place of natural beauty, from beaches to mountains, and let’s not forget the temples. But during this pandemic, you might be curious whether there are places in South Korea that are even safe for local tourists to explore. Well, in Busan, there are plenty — even considering COVID-19.

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We’ll name a few for you: the Oryukdo Skywalk, where you can enjoy a stunning ocean view of Busan; the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail, where you can go on a stroll and behold the glittering ocean at same time; and of course, Hocheon Village, which was a famous filming location of Park Seo-joon’s Fight For My Way. Busan has loads of outdoor attractions which are perfect for those yearning to feel the sun and breeze on their skin, a welcome treat after bearing with pandemic restrictions for so long. 

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Want to know more about them? Let the mascot of Busan, the Little Prince, take you on a virtual tour of safe destinations visitors can explore in Busan during the pandemic. 

After you’ve watched the video, feel free to explore more episodes on the VISIT BUSAN YouTube Channel to see how the city is efficiently managing its tourism amidst COVID-19. Soon enough, we’ll be able to visit this stunning city. But for now, we can satiate our South Korea wanderlust with these virtual tours!

Information extracted from a press release issued by Busan Tourism Organization. Featured image credit: Lee eunsu | Unsplash

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