Spring in Korea: Where to Go and What to Do

Spring in Korea: Where to Go and What to Do

Think spring in Korea is just about flowers and cherry blossoms? Think again. There are a whole slew of other Spring festivals like the Taean Tulip Festival and Boseong Green Tea Festival to check out!

Korea is, undoubtedly, a lovely place to visit for a holiday – the culture is great, the food’s amazing, and it’s a shopping paradise with wonderful bargains for apparel and beauty products. But to visit Korea in spring, when all the flowers are in their full bloom glory, is certainly a gorgeous sight that your eyes wouldn’t want to miss. And we’re not just talking about the iconic cherry blossoms… There’s so much more to see and do when you’re in Korea during spring, as you’ll soon discover!

Spring festivals to check out

Taean Tulip Festival (태안 튤립 축제), Taean

Featuring over 200 species of tulips, the Taean Tulip Festival never fails to amaze with its impressive array of tulips presented in a sea of colour.

Here, you can gawk at flower recreations of some of the world’s famous landmarks, such as France’s Eiffel Tower, Korea’s Namdaemun Gate and many more. The Festival has also won several awards, including being named among the top five tulip festivals in the world just last year!

When: 19 April 2018 to 13 May 2018
Where: 400, Kkotjihaean-ro, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea

Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival (진도 신비의바닷길축제), Jindo

Image credit: Piotrus

Every year at Jindo Island, there is a time when the sea will part to reveal a mysterious pathway that connects a smaller nearby island to the main island. Over the years, the sea’s tides have caused pebbles and sand to be deposited on top of each other, causing a natural pathway to be formed.

This phenomenon happens once a year and can only be seen during extreme low tide – urging visitors from all over the world to flock to Jindo Island during spring to witness it with their own eyes. Other than walking along the sea road and taking in the amazing view, there’s also an exciting lineup of activities that await you when you visit during the festival period such as a torch parade as well as traditional folk song and dance performances!

When: 16 May 2018 to 19 May 2018
Where: Hoedong-ri, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Boseong Green Tea Festival (보성다향대축제), Boseong

A tea festival organised by the largest producer of tea in Korea? Surely a must-visit for any tea lover! Often considered to be the birthplace of Korea’s commercial tea industry, Boseong is guaranteed not to disappoint. At the Boseong Green Tea Festival, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences like tea leaf picking, tea making, sampling of green tea snacks and more! For those of you who have a thing for sports, there’s also the Boseong Green Tea Marathon coming up on 29 April 2018 that you might want to consider joining (registration for the marathon closes on 16 April 2018).

When: 18 May 2018 to 22 May 2018
Where: 775, Nokcha-ro, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Seoulland Character Festival (서울랜드캐릭터페스티벌), Gwacheon

If you’re travelling with the kids, the Seoulland Character Festival should totally be on your itinerary. Featuring characters from popular children’s shows, this festival will no doubt be a hit with the little ones.

Image credit: Seoulland

In addition to meeting the adorable characters, visitors will also be able to learn more about nature through the various exhibitions and events – always an added bonus, especially for the kids! With amusement park rides, adorable character mascots AND colourful flowers greeting you at every turn, this sure is one spring experience the whole family won’t ever forget!

When: 24 March 2018 to 6 June 2018
Where: 181, Gwangmyeong-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Chuncheon Mime Festival (춘천 마임축제), Chuncheon

Chuncheon Mime Festival is one of Korea’s leading performing arts festivals and it’s really no wonder why: it’s one of the top three mime festivals in the world, and has been steading gaining international recognition over the years. While it is called a mime festival, there will also be performances showcasing other genres of art – dance, music and short films, among others – presented by artists from Korea and abroad. Ready to be blown away?

When: 20 May 2018 to 27 May 2018
Where: 112, Chuncheon-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea (Jungang-ro, Festival Theater Momzit, Animation Museum, Seumusup Park, and Waterfront Park in Chuncheon)

Yeon Deung Hoe / Lotus Lantern Festival (연등회), Seoul

In celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, different events are held at Buddhist temples located in various districts across Seoul each year. While the Lotus Lantern Festival is a month-long celebration, the highlights of the festival are packed into three days.

If you only have one day to spare, we really recommend that you free up some time on the festival’s second night (12 May 2018) to watch the lantern parade. With hundreds of thousands of luminous lanterns lighting up the night, it’s an absolutely mesmerising sight that’ll stay etched into one’s memories for a long time.

When: 11 May 2018 to 13 May 2018
Where: 55, Ujeongguk-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Jongno Street, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple)

Damyang Bamboo Festival (담양대나무축제), Damyang

Held in a bamboo forest spanning 2.4 kilometres, the Damyang Bamboo Festival is dedicated to celebrating the functions and beauty of the bamboo plant. That’s right: Korea even has a festival to celebrate and appreciate bamboo!

This specific festival is an eco-friendly one with something for everyone – from bamboo log rafting and bamboo basket fishing to a bamboo musical instrument contest and a writing and painting competition. There’s also a Cultural Experience Centre where you can savour Damyang’s famous local dishes and make Daetongsul, a bamboo bottled traditional liquor!

When: 2 May 2018 to 7 May 2018
Where: 119, Jungnogwon-ro, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Bonus: Other activities to do in Korea this spring

Revel in the beauty of cherry blossoms

Image credit: Carmine.shot

Obviously, the beautiful cherry blossoms cannot be omitted from this list. Though most areas are forecasted to see these pastel pink flowers bloom during late March to early April, you might still have a chance of seeing them if you go fast! Otherwise, going to see them next year is always an option, which means… You’ll have more time to plan your trip as well as snag a good bargain on your flight and accommodation!

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Have a picnic

Image credit: Thrina Tham

What better way to fully relish the beauty of spring than to go outside and have a picnic? Enjoy freshly-prepared dishes with the company of your friends or family against the backdrop of a park or garden full of blossoming flowers. Smell the crisp and sweet scent of the air, and let the chirping birds in the background be your soundtrack. Ahh… What a relaxing way to spend some quality time with your travel companions while still ensuring that all your tummies are full!

Treat yourself to seasonal produce

There are loads of seasonal fruits and vegetables that one can only get during spring. So now that it’s springtime, it’s time to make the best of the spring harvest and indulge in the foods that you won’t be able to get during any other season! Spring in Korea sees the harvest of greens like naegi (shepherd’s purse), ssuk (mugwort) and dallae (Korean wild chive), alongside sweet and juicy fruits like cherries and the ever popular favourite – strawberries.

If you’re craving a change of scenery or a little respite from your repetitive everyday routine, it’s not too late to do some last-minute trip planning and book a flight to Korea! There’s still time to catch some of these festivals as most of them are happening during the later half of spring. Even if you don’t manage to see them this year, don’t fret – there’s always next year!

Though most of these festivals are located outside Seoul, that’s no excuse to give them a miss altogether! After all, it’s always good to step out of our comfort zones (and that goes for travelling, too) to see more of this beautiful world we live in, right?

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