10 Spectacular Sights in Europe That Can Rival the Northern Lights

10 Spectacular Sights in Europe That Can Rival the Northern Lights

Forget the Northern Lights, check out these ten other gorgeous views for an equally unforgettable experience!

Ah, the Northern Lights. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, these dancing green fires are one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to catch a glimpse of this dazzling natural phenomenon. First, you need to travel to remote places up in the Northern Hemisphere. Second, you need to endure really harsh climatic conditions with temperatures going as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. And then finally, you have to wait for all the right natural conditions – clear night skies, no clouds, strong solar wind activity…

Not everyone has the luck (and the energy) to witness these electrifying streaks of green. But before you sigh in defeat, let me tell you something: the Northern Lights is not the only sight in Europe worth the chase. Here are ten other beautiful natural sights in Europe that are equally captivating and deserve a spot on your travel bucket list as well!

1. The Swiss Alps, Switzerland  

Image credit: Christoph Strässler

It is almost impossible to talk about spectacular sights in Europe without mentioning the Swiss Alps. Formed more than 45 million years ago, these snow-capped mountain tops cover 65% of Switzerland’s total surface area. With its high peaks and meandering valleys, the picturesque Swiss Alps is truly a magnificent sight to behold! If you’re not acrophobic, don’t forget to take the famous Jungfrau railway train up to Jungfraujoch station to experience what’s it like being at the Top of Europe.

2. Waterfalls, Iceland

Image credit: Giuseppe Milo

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, venture up north to Iceland to catch some thundering waterfalls! With a population of about 300,000, Iceland is home to some of the most majestic waterfalls in the world. From the popular and massive Gullfoss waterfall to the narrow yet impressive Seljalandsfoss waterfall, get ready for an eye-opening experience as you witness these waterfalls surging and plunging down the rocky cliffs. The tremendous power of the waterfalls might seem intimidating, but it will surely evoke a sense of wonder in you. If you’re up for such an enchanting experience, consider booking your trip to Iceland now!

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Image credit: Mark Gregory

While Slovenia might not be in the list of popular travel destinations in Europe, it is an undeniably stunning country that has a lot to offer. Situated in the northwestern region of Slovenia, Lake Bled has been quickly gaining traction for its scenic lakeshores. On a good day, hike up to the Bled Castle for an incredible bird’s eye view of the idyllic lake. Otherwise, you can take a short boat ride to the middle of the lake and visit Bled island, the only naturally-occurring island in Slovenia. Once on the island, climb up 99 stone steps to reach a Baroque church that is beautifully decorated and frequently used as a wedding venue. Now you know where to hold your dream wedding!

4. Fjords, Norway

Image credit: Tristan Taussac

Rated the happiest country in the world in 2017, Norway is renowned for its breathtaking sights, particularly its dazzling Norwegian fjords. Cradled between looming mountains, the fjords are heart-stoppingly beautiful with its emerald-green waters and fairytale villages. Every turn brings something new and every bend is a chance to immerse yourself in the infinite sight of drop-dead gorgeous scenery. It’s really hard to describe the staggering beauty of these Norwegian fjords, so you definitely gotta see it for yourself. Don’t wait any longer, start planning your trip to Norway today!

5. Valleys of Tuscany, Italy

Image credit: Tommy Clark

Nestled in the heart of Italy, the hills and valleys of Tuscany looks like something that leapt straight out of a Renaissance painting. From the shimmering fields and rolling vineyards to the endless rows of cypress trees and old medieval fortresses, the landscape of Tuscany is truly nature’s masterpiece. Be sure to visit the resplendent Orcia Valley (Val d’Orcia), which is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also a filming location for well-known movies such as Gladiator. Home to some of Italy’s best food and wine, Orcia Valley is truly a wonderful feast for both the eye and the stomach.

6. Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Image credit: Tatiana Gerus

What comes to mind when you think of Scotland? Is it the tartan kilts, or is it the melodious bagpipes? Well, it’s time to throw these stereotypical notions away and get acquainted with the Scottish Highlands! Arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom, the vast green pastures and azure blue skies of the highlands will surely leave you in awe. The exquisite beauty of the Scottish Highlands is best experienced on a road trip, so grab your buddies along and brace yourselves for the drive of a lifetime!

7. Gaztelugatxe, Spain

Image credit: Carlos Olmedillas

Hola, España! Located in the Basque Country of northern Spain, Gaztelugatxe (meaning “castle rock”) is a small island just outside the Spanish coast. Connected to the mainland by a narrow man-made stone bridge, the islet holds a lovely and serene church dating from the tenth century. Take note: the best times to visit Gaztelugatxe are in spring and autumn, as it can get very crowded during the summer and the church is closed in the winter.

8. Gorges Du Verdon, France

If you’re into sports, this is the place to be! Situated in the southeastern region of France and stretching 25 kilometres, Gorges Du Verdon is a gorgeous (pun intended) river canyon offering endless thrilling opportunities, ranging from sailing and kayaking to paragliding and climbing. With its dramatic plunging cliffs and clear turquoise waters, this scenic canyon provides the most extraordinary backdrop for your exhilarating adventures.

9. Hallstatt, Austria

Image credit: Simon Matzinger

Considered to be one of the oldest villages in Austria, Hallstatt is a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its production of salt. Set amidst shimmering waters and towering mountains, Hallstatt is a charming and picturesque Alpine village that looks stunning in all four seasons. To enjoy the best view of this postcard-perfect town, it is recommended to take a ferry ride across the peaceful lake. If not, follow one of the many hiking trails available or simply enjoy a tranquil retreat in one of the cosy cafes at the market square.

10. Myrtos Beach, Greece

Image credit: Antti Simonen

If you’re itching for some beach action, Myrtos Beach is the place for you! Situated in Kefalonia island in western Greece, Myrtos is considered as one of the best beaches in the country. With its jewel-blue waves and bright-white pebbles, this sand-sational beach is stunning at every moment of the day. Time to grab your sunglasses and beach towels! P.S. The sunset is simply magical, so don’t forget to catch it!

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