10 Horror Theme Parks for Halloween You Have to Visit

10 Horror Theme Parks to Visit This Halloween

This way to a spooktacular time.

.The scariest time of the year is coming, and it’s ready to haunt you with full spirits. Aside from going from house to house for trick or treating, why not try something new this year? We’re talking witnessing the spookiest theme park makeovers that’ll have you clutching for your loved ones or, worse, running for your life! Read on to learn more about the world’s must-visit horror theme parks for Halloween, from Asia and beyond. These’ll surely give you the night of fright to remember.

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Must-see theme parks for a Halloween like never before

1. Universal Studios Singapore – Singapore

The 11th Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios Singapore 10 times deadlier than ever. From immersive haunted houses to spine-chilling scare zones and terrifying shows, we assure you this is one of the eeriest horror theme parks in Asia to visit this spooky season. 

You can kick off the night with two of its haunted house experiences: The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn Nightmare and Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead. The former is where you get to walk through The Weeknd’s horrifying nightclub with a promised purgatory of pain. The latter, on the other hand, lets you be one of the Hyosan High students among the shambling and rotting zombies. So, choose your struggle!

Feeling peckish in the middle of your quest? You should head for a Die-Ning in Hell Experience and be prepared to stomach the dread of King Yama’s Feast with its three-course dinner that’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. While the night’s still young, why not meet the most vile pirate of the seven seas at the Dead Man’s Wharf scare zone? Or better yet, visit a cursed village at The Cursed Kiraman!

Event period: 29 Sep – 4 Nov 2023

2. Ocean Park – Hong Kong

Another of the top theme parks for Halloween is the friendly-turn-nightmarish Ocean Park in Hong Kong, with its unnervingly grim attractions. This year’s nighttime experience will bring you to the School of Unending Horror, where you will board a ghostly school bus to the Spirit Boarding School.

Check out the campus of Bad Dues that allows you to hear the giggles from the long-dead students and, afterwards, wander through the Netherworld, an alley filled with giant eyeballs. If that’s not enough to scare you, a spine-tingling 180 Laboratory welcomes you with its forbidden experiment: turning humans into mutant weapons! 

For a breath of fresh air, why not head to the forgotten forest behind the building? The cursed forest is said to be haunted by a yokai (“ghost” in Japanese) and the remains of those who got lost in it. And guess what? It’s not even the end of your horrifying journey! Definitely one of the most fear-worthy horror theme parks to visit this Halloween.

Event period: 15 Sep – 31 Oct 2023

3. Universal Studios Japan – Osaka, Japan

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka will never disappoint you, and this year, it’s back with a full-blown horror like never before. Think zombie’s rumbling and wild party, Chucky’s hellscape, bloodcurdling lab haunted by Sadako, blood-chilling screams by Ado (a famous Japanese singer), and much more! You can start by sprinting for your life from being held captive by the Street Zombies.

But you might want to slow down a bit because a bizarre dance party is about to drop as soon as Ado screams. And before you know it, you’ll be dancing with the dead! After you’re done partying, check out the crazy Chucky’s Carnival of Chaos, where you’ll scamper around a horrifying maze with 3D glasses on. Next thing you know, Chucky is coming at you from every corner. 

Any Sadako fans here? You’ll be delighted to meet one (or more) when you experience the terror-stricken Sadako’s Curse: Dark Horror Ride. Here’s where you need to escape the pitch darkness of a cursed lab, where the unexpected sight of Sadako will make you scream at the top of your lungs. And these are just the tip of the iceberg of what this horror-inducing theme park offers. 

Event period: 5 Sep – 8 Nov 2023

4. Everland – Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

It feels weird not to mention South Korea’s Everland in Yongin when talking about the best horror theme parks to visit during Halloween. And this time, they promise nothing short of thrill and panic-inducing excitement. All with the theme of White Z – the Seed of Hope. Did we mention the mastermind behind this spooktastic experience is the production designer of Squid Game himself?

You may begin by hopping on the T-Express 99 Ride that’ll blanket you with darkness and a petrifying vibe. Next, conquer your fear when you wander through the grim Horror Maze where terrifying ghosts await to catch you as you find your way out in the dark. 

For those who just want to have fun, you can join the Crazy City Performance & After Party where ghouls and humans sing and dance to their hearts’ content. Psst, look forward to the long lineup of cool DJs who’ll be rocking the night with their ghostly tunes. Easily one of the best horror theme parks in Asia to add to your itinerary!

Event period: 1 Sep – 19 Nov 2023

5. Sunway Lagoon – Selangor, Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia in Subang Jaya, with its Nights of Frights 9, will scare you to the bone; take our word for it. Enter the Fields of Fear, and your nightmares will soon begin when you embark into the houses of night dwellers and other horrifying attractions. Some must-visit ones include The Legend of Sweeney Todd, where you’ll meet a psychopathic couple who cook their victims into a meat pie. 

After getting away from the freaks, it’s time to meet some “humanimals” in Animalium Fields of Fear before you watch a thrilling tale brought by the new Scarytales Theatre. The story is of a Thai Silk King who mysteriously disappeared in Cameron Highlands. If you’re coming here to meet the iconic movie monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, the Abominable Snowman (and more), head to the Hammer Icons of Horror instead.

Looking for wax figures of your favourite Hollywood characters? Horrorwood Studios has got you covered! We’re talking Pennywise, Freddy, Jason, Ghost Face, and more that’ll make you question whether they really are wax figures, as some seem to melt (or… move?). All these and more are in the one and only Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Frights 9. Undoubtedly one of the spookiest horror theme parks to flee to this Halloween!

Event period: 29 Sep – 31 Oct 2023

6. Knott’s Berry Farm – California, United States

Knott’s Berry Farm (or Knott’s Scary Farm) is one of those horror theme parks during Halloween that fully transforms into an unthinkable terror. With 50 years of nightmarish experience, it’s only wise to expect unimaginable scares and innovative thrills to jump your way as you explore the haunted farm. 

The must-see attractions here include the ten Frightening Mazes, where fear will shove itself on your face from every shadowy corridor. Another worth mentioning is the hair-raising five Sinister Scare Zones, where you’ll encounter bands of half-human, half-animal monsters, deviant clowns, and gothic creatures that are ready to come for you from every corner!

For a fun-thrilled moment in the evilscape, immerse yourself in the electrifying Scary Farm Shows featuring haunting melodies and petrifying tales that’ll leave you trembling for more. So, if you’re up for all of these and other anticipated fearsome experiences, this 50-year-old theme park will do you wonders!

Event period: 21 Sep – 31 Oct 2023

7. Hong Kong Disneyland – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island is going for something more sassy and vibrant (yet still haunting) this year. That’s right, the happiest place on Earth invites you to join the evilest modish party ever! The one that’ll have everybody turning their heads! This is where you impress everyone with your best Disney Villain-inspired outfit before you witness the trendsetting queen, Cruella de Vil, hosting the spectacular all-new House of De Vil-lains.

It’s not Disneyland without a show-stopping performance. And the award-winning Let’s Get Wicked musical is ready to spellbind you through its exceptional audiovisual elements, brilliant lighting effects, and fiendish costume designs. Psst — look forward to the shocking performances of Ursula and Maleficent accompanied by their demonic laughter that might (or might not) awaken the evil in you!

For a less intense escape, join the vibrant Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party featuring a colourful parade you won’t soon forget. You will spot Mickey and Friends dressing up in wickedly dazzling outfits while they ride the giant pumpkin-shaped jack-o’-lantern whirlies. And everything becomes tenfold better when you experience all of these for yourself!

Event period: 16 Sep – 31 Oct 2023

8. Universal Orlando Resorts – Florida, United States

Universal Studios Orlando in Florida has something special coming for you in its Halloween Horror Nights! One of the killer things to look forward to is the ten haunted houses of which the scariest season of Stranger Things is part. A fan? Then, you should stick with your squad and escape Vecna’s hellish curse as soon as you enter the madhouse. 

If you’re not into haunted houses, the park’s sinister scare zones will have you clutching your besties. Be sure to check out the Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror, where you’ll traverse the darkness of a jungle while having to run from monsters who are going amok. 

Afterwards, resume your blood-curdling journey in the Vamp ‘69: Summer of Blood. It might look like a regular concert at first. But vicious vampires among the crowds will come for your blood unannounced! If your stomach’s rumbling, we recommend getting the Scary Good Food and Drinks fast before you go for exhilarating rides and some world-class live performances. Talk about one of the scariest, most fun horror theme parks to add to your bucket list this year!

Event period: 1 Sep – 4 Nov 2023

9. LEGOLAND Malaysia – Johor, Malaysia

Searching for a kid-friendly horror theme park this Halloween? LEGOLAND Malaysia in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, has just what you need! Going with the theme Brick-or-Treat, it invites you and your little ones to the biggest Monster Party ever. 

You can kick off the journey by bringing them to the live shows full of energy (and spirits). Check out the interactive V.I.M. Dance Party for ghostly moves and ghoulish grooves and the Mad Scientist Show for some crazy experiments with the wicked scientists. 

Or better yet, have them Build-A-Monster with LEGO bricks before they join a special potion crafting class in a Witches’ Potion Party. For the cherry on top, dress your little ones in the zaniest and scariest monster costume in their Monster Disguise Costume Contest. Psst, you guys might want to go the extra mile for this to win the mysterious prize they’ve been talking about!

Event period: 29 Sep – 5 Nov 2023

10. Lotte World – Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World in Seoul has lit up its bewitching castle yet again, and this time, it comes with a blood moon that looks like something from a doomsday. Going with the Dark Moon theme, the attraction features a supernatural adventure in the captivating realm of seven vampire boys. FYI, the characters are all taken from a famous manhwa (Korean genre of comic books): Dark Moon: The Blood Altar!

Aside from the spectacular media show at the Dark Moon Castle, Lotte World also boasts plenty of Insta-worthy photo zones for travelgrammers. Be sure to visit the Decelis Party Room, which serves as a secret hideout of the vampires. Afterwards, head out to the Dark Moon Photo Wall and become the protagonist of your own webtoon as you pose against a comical background.

Heads up — if you’re wandering the Magic Island past 6pm, you might encounter three handsome vampires roaming around the park, and their good looks might bewitch you! Definitely one of the best theme parks for Halloween that gives you a whole new experience to embark on. 

Event period: 1 Sep – 19 Nov 2023

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And that concludes our list of must-visit horror theme parks around the world that’ll send shivers down your spine! Which one is your favourite? 

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