Munduk Moding Plantation: The Perfect Resort in Bali for Coffee Lovers

This Luxury Resort in Bali Is the Perfect Stay for Coffee Lovers

Did someone say coffee?

From stunning beaches and tropical and luxury resorts to delicious local food and friendly people, Bali, this all-time favourite destination has it all for every kind of traveller. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, we have something for you! This hotel named the Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort will surely surprise you with its gorgeous suites and villas, luxurious facilities, and most importantly — an onsite coffee plantation that provides guests with the finest quality coffee experience. 

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What is Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort?

munduk moding plantation

Munduk Moding Plantation, aka the Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort, is a five-star eco-luxury resort in Munduk, Bali with breathtaking views of the Bali Sea and Java’s mighty volcanoes. Nestled in a working coffee plantation amid the jungle, it offers a serene hideaway for coffee lovers, as well as travellers who seek a quiet escape from the city. 

munduk moding plantation

This award-winning hotel is home to two infinity pools, a jacuzzi, fire pits, a gym, a tennis court, a relaxing working space, a yoga hut set amidst the tropical jungle, and many more facilities. It also houses MiMPi Restaurant, Warung Bongkot, and Sunset Bar: three dining havens that serve delightful international and Indonesian cuisines, Balinese delicacies, and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Accommodations at Munduk Moding Plantation

munduk moding plantation

Munduk Moding Plantation offers a variety of room types, each showcasing a classic Balinese design characterised by wooden flooring, furnishings, and bamboo elements. Each room is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, a TV, as well as a private bathroom that includes a shower and a terrazzo bathtub; all ensuring an exquisite and comfortable staying experience. 

The room types available are as follows:

  • Garden Suite
  • Luxury Suite
  • The One-Bedroom Villa
  • One-bedroom villa with Perpendicular Pool
  • One-bedroom villa with Horizontal Pool
  • The One-bedroom villa with Jacuzzi
  • Two Bedroom Pool Villa
  • Five Bedroom Pool Villa
  • Istana Negara (Presidential Suite)


How much is a room per night?

munduk moding plantation

The best thing about staying in Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort is that, despite the world-class service and facilities it provides, the room rates are actually relatively affordable. Its Luxury Suite and Garden Suite are priced at less than US$200 (~S$267) per night, while the One-Bedroom Villa only costs around US$260 (~S$347) per night. Plus, the price already includes a delectable breakfast and other amenities like complimentary parking and internet. 

Other larger and more luxurious rooms range from US$412 (~S$550) to US$657 (~S$877). It’s also essential to note that the prices may vary, with an increase during peak seasons, typically ranging from the end of May to early October.  


Things to do at Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort

To provide a more comprehensive experience, all overnight hotel guests have access to The MMP Experiences Programme. The program includes a series of tailor-made workshops and activities onsite. Guests can choose activities that resonate with their preferences, therefore allowing for a personalised and enriching stay. Certain activities have additional charges, and guests are encouraged to book them a day in advance, except for Coffee Plantation Tour and Roasting & Cupping Session, as they are always available.

Some of these exciting experiences include:

  • Bird Watching
  • Coffee Plantation Tour & Munduk Coffee Experience
  • Kite Making
  • Yoga Class
  • Balinese Cooking Class
  • Balinese Beauty Workshop
  • Stargazing


Other activities

In addition to the offerings of the MMP Experiences Programme, there are also other activities such as jungle trekking tours, cycling tours, and horse riding where you can participate for an additional charge. These activities allow you to fully indulge in the beauty of Northern Bali and explore hidden gems in the area, from pristine lakes and stunning waterfalls to quaint villages and lush green hills. 

Those who prefer a more leisurely experience can also stay in the resort, have a sip of coffee while relishing the natural environment and explore the property’s very own coffee plantation. 

About Munduk Coffee

Munduk Coffee is Munduk Moding Plantation’s onsite speciality coffee producer that crafts one of the finest coffees on the island. It offers guests a unique bean-to-cup experience right on the plantation, with meticulously handpicked coffee beans. 

One of the highlights here is undoubtedly its wild luwak coffee, counted among the world’s rarest. Crafted from beans that journey through the digestive tract of luwak (Asian palm civets), these creatures include red coffee beans in their diet alongside ripe fruits like banana, papaya, and at times, bird and chicken. As a result, you will be able to savour a cup of this exceptionally aromatic coffee with no bitter aftertaste! 

While the forest area in the premise attracts some luwak, production of this coffee is limited. Besides, Munduk Coffee purchases additional beans from its neighbour to provide small quantities to guests. Munduk Coffee also only produces from wild (not domesticated) luwak, and condemns the practices of caging and force-feeding these animals. 

At the aforementioned Coffee Plantation Tour & Munduk Coffee Experience, guests also can take a closer look at how coffee is grown, harvested, dried, cleaned, ground and prepared in the traditional manner. During the harvest season (usually from June to August), you may have the opportunity to observe the onsite processing of coffee cherries!

How much is the coffee?

munduk moding plantation

Munduk Coffee offers a variety of options, with prices starting from Rp 20,000 (~US$1.29 or ~S$1.72) for basic breakfast coffee to Rp 1,500,000 (~US$97 or ~S$129) for the exclusive luwak coffee.

Here are the types of coffee along with their prices per 100 grams:

  • Wild luwak coffee: Rp 250,000 (~US$16.18 or ~S$21.60)
  • Natural anaerob: Rp 65,000 (~US$4.21 or ~S$5.62)
  • Arabica natural: Rp 65,000 (~US$4.21 or ~S$5.62)
  • Peaberry: Rp 70,000 (~US$4.53 or ~S$6.05)
  • MMP expresso blend: Rp 75,000 (~US$4.85 or ~S$6.48)
  • Munduk expresso blend: Rp 65,000 (~US$4.21 or ~S$5.62)
  • Arabica full wash: Rp 55,000 (~US$3.56 or ~S$4.75)
  • Arabica honey: Rp 55,000 (~US$3.56 or ~S$4.75)
  • Premium breakfast: Rp 40,000 (~US$2.59 or ~S$3.46)
  • Robusta: Rp 35,000 (~US$2.26 or ~S$3.02)
  • Breakfast coffee: Rp 20,000 (~US$1.29 or ~S$1.72)


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So, there you have it — one of the best accommodations in Bali for coffee lovers. For more detailed information, do visit Munduk Moding Plantation’s official website. Check out our official Facebook page for more travel guides and interesting places to visit, too!

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