Thailand Lets You Spend Your Two-Week Quarantine on a Yacht!

Thailand’s New Quarantine Scheme Allows You to Stay on a Yacht!

Set sail and...quarantine?

Who says quarantine has to be dull? Thailand has reinvented its quarantine measures by allowing travellers to quarantine on yachts, simultaneously making the experience more bearable — and probably even enjoyable. 

What we know

As of writing, Thailand requires all travellers to undergo a two-week quarantine. If you’re travelling there for leisure, then kickstart your vacation by opting to spend your mandatory quarantine on Phuket’s cruising yachts. The catch? You’ll need to submit a negative PCR test and agree to wear a digital health tracker at all times. This health tracker will allow Thai authorities to monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature in real-time. Travellers are also required to stay within a radius of 10 kilometres from the shore to keep the smart wristband trackers working. 

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According to reports, 100 yachts are set to take part in this new quarantine scheme in Phuket. This project, called “Digital Yacht Quarantine”, is expected to bring in a revenue worth ฿1.8 billion in tourism to help counter the loss of ฿320 billion caused by the pandemic. Travellers need not worry about their safety either, as the Royal Thai Navy members will be monitoring and tracking the yachts. 

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This isn’t the first unconventional quarantine scheme Thailand has launched. The Land of Smiles recently implemented a “golf quarantine” project to help boost its tourism sector. Basically, travellers can fly in and quarantine at one of five golf resorts for two weeks. They have to stay in their room for three days and take a COVID-19 test. If their results come back negative, then they can enjoy the resort’s facilities and play golf with their travel group. On 7 March 2021, the first batch of travellers successfully completed the “golf quarantine” and left the resort to explore more of Thailand. 

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So, what do you say? These quarantine schemes in Thailand might just be the vacation you’re looking for!

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