23 Telltale Signs You’re Addicted to Backpacking

23 Telltale Signs You’re Addicted to Backpacking

Are you addicted to backpacking? See if you possess some of these telltale signs of a true backpacker.

Backpacking is more than just carrying a signature backpack when travelling. It’s the ultimate quest for freedom and the nomadic style of living that set backpacking apart from normal travelling. It has that special appeal that only real backpackers can appreciate.

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Question is, when do you call yourself a backpacker? Here’s to check your level of backpacking addiction — 15 signs or more and you’re good to go as a true blue backpacker!

  1. ‘The cheaper, the better’ has become a daily mantra.
  2. You can literally sleep anywhere — noisy street benches, crowded hostel rooms, busy airports and train stations.
  3. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to sleep alone.
  4. You laugh up your sleeve when you see someone with huge luggage because you’ve managed to put your entire life in a backpack.
  5. It’s easier to remember your passport number than your permanent address and occupation.
  6. Free breakfast, airport pickup and wifi are deciding factors when booking an accommodation.
  7. You constantly search for hostels and backpacker inns online.
  8. Other people’s toiletries are considered shower treasures.
  9. The currency converter app is your travel buddy.
  10. You’re the master of stealth in crowded dorm rooms.
  11. You don’t mind wearing the same set of clothes all over again.
  12. You can survive eating street food every meal just to save a penny.
  13. Small talks begin with “Where are you from?”
  14. You don’t remember people’s names, you remember where they’re from.
  15. You snag super low fare promos from budget airlines, but
  16. You’d rather cross borders on a 20-hour bus ride than a 2-hour flight.
  17. You can manage to stay out until the wee hours of the morning.
  18. And wake up like a zombie after a few hours so you won’t miss the free breakfast.
  19. You just can’t go home without souvenirs – bracelets, necklaces, jewellery, key chains, postcards, fridge magnets… You name it!
  20. You can’t resist taking selfies of famous attractions while carrying your signature backpack.
  21. You keep a diary or travel blog.
  22. You can say “Hello” and “Till we meet again” in several languages.
  23. You’ve run out of passport pages, again.

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