Christmas Came Early! Get $600 Off This 8-Day Package & Celebrate with Your Family in Taiwan

Christmas Came Early! Get $600 Off This 8-Day Package & Celebrate with Your Family in Taiwan

Take a trip to Taiwan this Christmas, where you can visit a theme park, create unique souvenirs and more!

It’s that time of the year! For many, Christmas is about being together with your loved ones, and there is no better way to spend quality time than going on a trip together. A trip during the holiday season definitely makes a great Christmas present for the entire family, topped off with the good memories you’ll be making along the way. What’s more, it’ll be a nice reward to your kids for completing their exams, having worked hard all year long.

We’ll show you what surprises you’re in for on this Christmas adventure! 

Taiwan is the perfect place to visit in December: it’s not blistering hot like countries near the Equator, nor is it freezing cold like the ones farther in the north.

WTS is offering a 7/8D Taiwan Happiness Family Fun tour just for you! With at least 6 days packed with lots of family-friendly activities, you and your loved ones will definitely enjoy the trip together!

It’s one of the best Christmas presents you can give to your family. In fact, you can even spend Christmas Day in Taiwan! As the icing on the cake, you can enjoy a discount of $600 off per couple!

Learn more about the 7/8D Taiwan Package

Day 1: Singapore to Taoyuan Airport 

taipei city

Image credit: Remi Yuan

It’s time to embark on your trip to Taiwan! Known as the “Land of Smiles”, the island nation is a great place to visit for travellers of all ages. This trip to Taiwan will definitely bring a smile to your family members this festive season.

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Day 2: Taipei & Taichung — eat and shop to your heart’s content

Start off your trip with a visit to MITSUI Outlet Park Linkou, the largest outlet park in northern Taiwan. This vast outlet park has many stores, from luxury goods to sporting brands to housing items. Besides shopping, you can also hunt for snacks at the grocery store, or fill yourself up at the food court. If there is time to spare, you can even catch a movie at the cinema.

fengjia night market

Image credit: Rybloo

Spend the night at Taichung, home to the biggest night market in all of Taiwan. For those who have never been to a night market in Taiwan, Taichung’s Fengjia Night Market is a good introduction to Taiwan’s night market scene. 

Fengjia Night Market stretches for at least one kilometre, as plenty of food and drink stalls line up side by side. There are also fashion stores located throughout the night market.  A night at Fengjia is a feast for the senses: see the stallowners in action and take in the smell wafting through the streets. Buy some snacks to share with your family members while strolling along the streets of Fengjia Night Market.

Day 3: Cingjing — enjoy some family time


Image credit: Meet Nantou

Begin your next day with a visit to Cingjing, where you’ll be surrounded by vast mountain ranges and clean air. Get a brief overview of the area at Cingjing Skywalk, a walkway perched on the edges of Cingjing. 

The 1.2-kilometre skywalk gives you unobstructed views of the Cingjing mountain ranges. As the skywalk only allows a certain number of tourists per day, you’ll be guaranteed a spot (as part of the package) to capture some photos of the beautiful scenery without fighting with large tourist crowds.

cingjing farm

Image credit: Johen Redman

After a brief walkabout at Cingjing Skywalk, head on to Cingjing Farm. The farm is the most famous attraction in the Cingjing region, as you get to interact with sheep and other farm animals. The free-roaming sheep are especially attracted to food, so get some pellets and watch these fluffy animals gather around you. Enjoy the daily animal shows at Cingjing Farm, and take a walk around the expansive grassland while you enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty at its finest.

Day 4: Hsinchu (Leofoo) — it’s the season to have fun

It’s time for some fun with the kids as you head to Leofoo Village Theme Park, the biggest theme park in all of Taiwan. Comprising four different theme zones, the theme park has something for everyone in the family. Animal lovers can take the safari tour, which allows you to go up close to wildlife. Adrenaline junkies will like the many roller coasters in the theme park, including the Screaming Condor. 

leofoo resort guanshi

Image credit: Leofoo Resort

After a fun-filled day at Leofoo Village Theme Park, enjoy your stay at the amazing 5-star Leofoo Resort Guanshi. The hotel is located close to the theme park, so you can maximise your time there. There is even a shuttle service between the theme park and the hotel, so guests will definitely appreciate the convenience.

Nevertheless, the best part about Leofoo Resort Guanshi is the open safari. Every room in the hotel faces the open safari, so you might wake up to the sight of a giraffe staring back at you. Children will definitely enjoy the open safari, as they can get up close to the animals. Besides watching these animals, they will also get their chance at a feeding session or two.

Day 5: Sanxia & Jiaoxi, Yilan — the gift of giving

handkerchief print dye

Image credit: Meet Taiwan

Visit a traditional arts centre to learn about the traditional craft of print dyeing, before trying your hand at making your own prints. Unleash your creativity as you come up with unique designs to imprint on a handkerchief. While you’re at it, why not use this opportunity to create some beautiful handkerchiefs for your family members? It could be the perfect Christmas present for them too — after all, nothing says sincerity like a handmade gift.

Love getting hands-on? Next, refuel yourselves with an onion pancake DIY session. Onion pancakes are a traditional Taiwanese delicacy enjoyed by the locals. Taste it to believe it — you’ll fall in love with the onion pancake, especially when you make it yourselves!

Day 6: Taipei (Shifen) — make memories together 

sky lantern at shifen old street

Image credit: Vernon Raineil Cenzon

Along Shifen Old Street, gather your family members together and enjoy Shifen’s number one activity: releasing sky lanterns. Write your wish on one of the many colourful sky lanterns, and watch it float to the sky as you release it from the railway track. Proficiency in Chinese is not needed, but do remember to have nice handwriting so your wishes may be granted.

After touring Shifen Old Street, take a stroll along the river as you pass by bridges and forests before reaching Shifen Waterfall. While the scenery along the trail is fantastic, the highlight of the trail is the stunning waterfall itself.

The cascading Shifen Waterfall reminds one of a mini Niagara Falls, and provides the perfect backdrop for your family photos. There are multiple vantage points with different views of the waterfall, so do look around and take more memorable photos of your time spent here in Taiwan.

Day 7: Taipei — get in the festive mood

taipei christmasland

Image credit: Taiwan Tourism Board

While you’re in Taipei during the festive season, why not head down to the annual Christmasland light festival in New Taipei City? The Christmasland Night Festival is one of the biggest light shows in Asia, as Banqiao Railway Station and its vicinity are decorated with lots of Christmas lights. However, the event highlight must be the massive Christmas tree in the middle of Banqiao Plaza.

christmasland 2

Image credit: Taiwan Tourism Board

Christmasland is also one of the most extravagant events in Taipei. Parents can visit the Christmas market full of souvenirs, while the children enjoy the rides as the sounds of Christmas surrounds you. Top the trip off with some Christmas shopping at the Mega City Department Store before ending it with a family photo at the Christmas tree.

Day 8: Back to Singapore — home sweet home

It’s time to say goodbye to Taiwan as we board our flight back to Singapore. We hope that you’ve enjoyed spending your well-deserved break with your family. As you head back home, you’ll be returning with your hearts — and your bags — full, filled with Christmas spoils and memories with your family!

Sounds like just the Christmas trip for your family? It’s time to book the 7/8D Taiwan Happiness Family Fun tour by WTS Travel, from just $1,698 per pax — with an additional $600 off per couple!

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