A 4D3N Sydney Itinerary: All You Need to Explore the City

A 4D3N Sydney Itinerary: All You Need to Explore the City

Not sure what you should do first in Sydney? No worries! This 4D3N itinerary is all you need to help you plan your journey around the city.

Going to Sydney soon? Lucky you! Sydney’s an amazing place. I know what you’re thinking – Sydney’s a huuuge place. Where on earth do you start?!

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You don’t have to worry! Sydney can be pretty overwhelming at first, but there will be enough time for you to see all you need to see in just 4 days. Let this guide be your best friend during your trip and you will be dazzled by this city’s beauty in no time!

bridgeclimb sydney itineraryImage credit: Romain Fontida

Day 1: Take in the stunning Sydney sights

sydney opera house sunsetImage credit: BridgeClimb Sydney

Here’s something you should know: Sydney’s a harbour city. So, it’s only fitting that you should spend your first day here cruising the Sydney Harbour! Not only will you get to marvel at how incredible the harbour is, you’ll get a general overview of everything you should see while you’re here.

sydney opera house

I’m sure every sightseeing cruise in Sydney will bring you past the Sydney Opera House and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge – make sure your cameras are ready, because you will looove the views! If you’re feeling peckish and burning for some of Sydney’s famous seafood, there’s no better place than Watsons Bay. A popular seafood joint would be Doyles Beach Restaurant located just off the jetty of Watsons Bay. Go forth and savour some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever eat in your life!

bridgeclimb sydney sunsetImage credit: BridgeClimb Sydney

Perhaps you might be yearning for even more stunning views once your cruise has ended. Why, we don’t blame you! That’s why we’ve got just the thing: The Bridgeclimb Sydney! Winters in Sydney are the best times to hike up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, because the sunsets are ah-ma-zing! Think of the Sydney landscape from above coupled with the warm golden glow from the setting sun. You’re not even ready for the views up here, guys. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of… and more!

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Day 2: Explore the city on foot

sydney cityImage credit: Wang Hsin-Pei

You can’t say you’ve explored the city if you’ve never walked around it on foot, amirite? Strap on those comfortable walking shoes, people, because you’ll be doing loads of walking.

circular quayImage credit: Merbabu

You saw the Harbour Bridge from above, and now it’s time to see it from below. Make your way to Circular Quay and crane your neck to view the bridge in all its splendour! After rubbing the kinks out of your neck, take a refreshing stroll through the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, or peruse the interesting things on sale at the ever-famous Rocks District! The Rocks Market is a mustmustmust for all their quaint little stalls – head on down on a Friday, and your drool will flow at the sight of all the delectable little goodies at the Foodie Market! If you’re there during the weekend, bring out the inner fashionista in you by grabbing some beautiful handmade clothes from the stalls. It will be a busy day, but it will be a fun-filled one for sure!

darling harbourImage credit: BillOggPhotography

Once the sun comes down, head over to Darling Harbour because this is where all the good stuff is happening! Grab some dinner by the harbour before diving head-first into the bubbling night life. P.S. There’s even a fireworks display every Saturday night! If you’re lucky enough to be here from end May to mid-June, don’t miss out on the Vivid Light Festival. Be dazzled by all the flashing lights and crazy projections, and your night will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

red explorer busImage credit: RubyGoes

Not keen on walking too much? There’s always the Red Explorer Bus! Don’t worry, you’ll still get the same experience as those walking around!

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Day 3: Sightseeing part 2!

Honestly, there’s no way you can see every Sydney attraction in just one measly day. Come on, people, this city deserves much better than that!

sydney museum of contemporary artImage credit: emmett anderson

If you haven’t already seen the museums, grab this opportunity to do so pronto! The route from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour houses some really cool museums – take your pick from the Sydney Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. You could also step into what must be one really unique museum – the Police and Justice Museum! The criminals from Sydney’s past have all left their stories here, so if you’re all for delving into Sydney’s dark past, this is the place for you.

sydney zooImage credit: Ignacio Catalina

No trip to Sydney is complete without seeing the famous Australian wildlife in the flesh, so take some time to drop by the zoos! There are three main zoos in Sydney, namely Taronga Zoo, Featherdale, and the Wildlife Sydney Zoo. If you’re pressed for time, don’t fret! We’ll help you make the choice – Featherdale! It houses the biggest variety of wildlife native to Australia, so if you’re up to get all starry-eyed at those cute little koalas and kangaroos, Featherdale’s the place to be.

Day 4: Beaches, please!

bondi icebergs poolImage credit: Michelle

No trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to their beaches. Take a break after two whole days of sightseeing by hitting the beaches! And where else than the most famous beach in Sydney – Bondi Beach! Winter, spring, summer or fall, this is one beach you can enjoy all year round! If you’re here during the winter and are just burning for the thrill of the chill, head down to the Bondi Icebergs Pool, located on the beach’s south side. People will question your sanity, but it’s worth it when the cold sends a shiver of excitement down your veins!

bondi-coogee walkImage credit: karlnorling

Bondi’s not the only beach for you to catch that gorgeous suntan – take your pick from Manly and Coogee Beach as well! If the walk from the previous day hasn’t tired you out, maybe the six kilometres walk between Bondi and Coogee will finally tire those bones out. Feast your eyes on the rugged coastal sceneries, lush green parks and beautiful beaches. Prepare to be amazed!

tamarama beachImage credit: Ahia

Other beaches you should take note of are Tamarama, Maroubra, and Cronulla. These are popular surf spots, so bring along your surfing gears and catch those waves!

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With all the sights and sun you’ve soaked in, there’s no way you’ll leave Sydney with any semblance of regret. Trust us when we say that you will fall in love with Sydney the minute you step foot into the country!

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