10 Lightweight Jackets Suitable for Non-Winter Seasons!

10 Lightweight Jackets Suitable for Non-Winter Seasons!

Jackets that won't leave you sweating in summer are the best.

As someone who has a penchant for casual jackets and cardigans, my eyes tend to wander to stylish yet functional pieces that are great for everyday wear. Lightweight jackets are definitely the way to go when you feel like layering up when it isn’t even winter. A nice light piece could be just what you need to elevate your OOTD from simple to edgy, chic, or even classy. 

I’m sure there are a lot of new online shops out there that offer cute jackets; but we all know by now that when it comes to jackets and coats, you just have to consider more established brands to truly get the bang for your buck. Want to know about trending lightweight jackets to invest in right now? Keep on reading!

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1. This safari jacket from Uniqlo

Oversized jackets always look great on girls. This cotton linen safari jacket from Uniqlo is surely comfortable and at the same time flexible. You could use it for work, travel, and even on top of a casual dress if you’re going out with your posse. My favourite aspect of this jacket? It comes with large pocket flaps! That’s definitely a huge plus for people who like to keep their phones, hankies, and wallets more accessible! This lightweight jacket comes in blue, olive, and black. Shop it here

2. GU’s sheer tailored jacket

Image credit: GU Official Website

If you haven’t heard, GU is like Uniqlo’s sister apparel store in Japan, so you can expect the same level of quality in its fashion pieces. This sheer tailored jacket is another oversized piece that girls can easily sport for different occasions from spring to summer. As its name suggests, this jacket is sheer enough for its sleeves to be rolled up with no problem at all. Best of all, you get to enjoy its silky texture while benefiting from its functionality. It comes in beige, dark grey, and light blue. Shop this lightweight jacket here

3. A chic colour blocked windbreaker from Terranova

Colour blocking in fashion is a throwback trend from the 1940s but has recently made its way back into the fashion scene. Colour-blocked clothing often plays on shapes to make the colour combinations look interesting. So, once you set eyes on a colour-blocked shirt,  it’s pretty difficult to turn away.

Just take a look at this colour-blocked windbreaker from Terranova. Simple as the colours may be, the way they’re patterned and laid out elevates the style of the lightweight jacket. It comes in pink, black, and white. Shop this lightweight jacket here. 

4. This unisex colour block jacket from Lacoste

Can’t get enough of colour blocking? Check out this eye-catching windbreaker from Lacoste. This lightweight jacket is composed of taffeta, which means it’s crafted from smooth silk, acetate, and polyester. Its best features include a waterproof zipper fastening, a zip stand-up collar, and a drawstring hood. It may be expensive but this is the type of jacket you pass down to your children! Shop this lightweight jacket here

5. This flowy trench coat from Mango

It doesn’t have to be winter to flaunt a classy trench coat. This short coat from Mango was made from sustainable fibres and with sustainable processes. It features a removable belt, and two side pockets that keep the design stylish and functional at the same time. You can even pull up the long sleeves if you want to. This is definitely perfect for work and play! Shop it here.

6. Puma’s breezy training hoodie

Image credit: Puma Official Website

Looking for a workout jacket that won’t feel sticky and hot when you’re pumping up your training? Look no further than Puma’s Flawless Training Hoodie. It encourages peak performance as it’s made with mesh that provides breathable support while its cutlines make sure your every movement is restriction-free. This lightweight jacket comes in blue, white, and black. Shop it here

7. The Jordan Future Primal from Nike

Image credit: Nike Official Website

If you’re a fan of that baggy look, you might want to pair this lightweight jacket from Nike with your gym wear or cargo pants. The Jordan Future Primal highlights an exaggerated collar with a metallic ink print, along with a pleated back and packable hood. Painted in soft pink and matched with oversized pockets, you’re sure to enjoy the experience of rocking this lightweight jacket! Shop it here

8. This retro-inspired silky jacket from Adidas

Men who love the hypebeast culture will appreciate the Adidas Run-DMC Collegiate jacket. An ode to the ’80s, this style started from the basketball courts and expanded to hip-hop culture. It’s made out of 100% polyester satin and features a plain weave, padding, front pockets, and a relaxed fit. This is definitely an easy jacket you can sport on many casual occasions while still making a statement. Shop this lightweight jacket here

9. Muji’s minimalist fresh linen coat

Image credit: Muji Official Website

Sometimes, a loose linen coat is all you need to keep the chills away without feeling too hot at the same time. This sleek coat from Muji that’s made up of 100% linen will do just that. Not only is it long enough to cover your thighs, but it also bears a muted design that can basically match any other outfit. Suffice to say, it’s a great option for when you don’t have the time to mix and match your fashion pieces. Just grab this French linen coat from the closet and you’re good to go! Shop it here.

10. A cool jersey overshirt from COS

Image credit: COS Official Website

Overshirts were and continue to be everyday favourites. If you pick a classy design, you can use overshirts in casual and smart casual events, like this jersey overshirt from COS. It’s made from 100% cotton and boasts corozo buttons which are durable and have an eco-friendly finish. Most of all, the jersey comes with two patch pockets and a relaxed fit — ideal for a walk in the park! Shop this lightweight jacket here

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There’s no need for it to be cold or freezing for you to sport a stylish and functional jacket. Lightweight jackets were created so that we can be versatile with our sartorial style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them! Which of the mentioned jackets are you adding to your cart first?

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