Finally, Super Nintendo World Will Open In The Spring Of 2021!

Super Nintendo World Will Open In The Spring Of 2021!

Race you there?

The new Super Nintendo World theme park in Osaka was originally set to open this summer in time for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, its construction and launch had to be postponed. Not to worry though, because Universal Studios Japan, where Super Nintendo World was constructed, just confirmed that the much-awaited sub-theme park will officially open in the Spring of 2021!

Look out for this Mario-themed cafe

super nintendo world

In the meantime, locals who are at the edge of their seats waiting for Super Nintendo World to open will have to make do with the new character themed-cafe that Universal Studios is also launching. This cafe, which is opening on 16 October, Friday will offer visitors some Mario and Luigi-themed pancakes, a super mushroom drink, and moustachioed fruit cream sodas. Not only that, kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy the shopping experience this cafe has to offer, with illustrative shirts, pillows, and pouches that all scream “Mario!”

super nintendo world

According to The Verge, Super Nintendo World will take interactive park activities up a notch by giving visitors smart-wristbands which will allow them to participate in a coin-collecting metagame. And of course, Super Nintendo wouldn’t be complete without a life-sized Mario Kart ride!

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All this Nintendo news is definitely making us pine for Japan right now. But the good news is, Nintendo and Universal Studios are reportedly planning to open similar attractions in Singapore, Orlando, and Hollywood. We can hardly wait to experience the Super Nintendo World nearest us!

All images credited to Universal Studios and Nintendo. 

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