This Japan Train Crew Can Clean Bullet Trains in Only 7 Minutes

This Japan Train Crew Can Clean Bullet Trains in Only 7 Minutes

Can we model every train cleaning crew this way?

Japan’s efficiency doesn’t just come from its reliable technology, but also the manpower behind every mechanical invention. When it comes to Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains, people don’t just like it because of its speedy transportation services. They also take comfort in the fact that these trains are spick and span. But did you know that the bullet trains are kept that way thanks to an ultra-efficient cleaning crew that can wipe all the dirt in just seven minutes?

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A couple of years ago, a video of Japan’s bullet train cleaning crew went viral for showing their quick and efficient sanitising procedure. These trains transport roughly 400,000 passengers a day. The Tessei cleaning crew is only given seven minutes to clean the seats and pick up the garbage. Each cleaner is assigned to one car which has 100 seats. They move so quickly that one row only takes 12 seconds!

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Trays are wiped, luggage racks are checked, and of course, floors are swept. According to the video, the employees clean 20 cars per shift, and they have an average age of 52. At the end of the process, they all file out, line up and take a bow in front of the bullet train. This discipline and diligence truly is something to be admired. Watch the full video below!

This video just gives us a whole new level of appreciation for Japan, its clean bullet trains — and of course, the crew behind its transportation services. Do you know of any more efficient and admirable sanitising protocols Japan has in place? Drop us a message on Facebook!

All images credited to 東京都 Tokyo Metropolitan Government | Official YouTube Channel

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