18 Succession Filming Locations Around the World, From Seasons 1 to 4

18 ‘Succession’ Filming Locations Around the World, From Seasons 1 to 4 

Are the Roys' billions of dollars to fly anywhere worth the dysfunction? You tell us.

The finale of HBO’s Succession looked to declare victory to the next helmsman who will steer Waystar Royco in propagating late-stage capitalism. It has been an exhilarating ride up to the end, with everyone out for blood to fill (and claim) the void that CEO Logan Roy left behind. It seems everywhere that he and his dysfunctional family goes, their presence leaves a mark.

Most of these Succession filming locations are uncompromising when it comes to luxury and opulence. They board high-end yachts just to sail to villas that would cost a lifetime’s worth of salaries for the average working man. Renting a gorgeous castle is a normal weekend when sitting on a steady supply of Waystar Royco fortune. 

So, let’s put on those Tom Fords and walk the life of a Roy as we visit these truly extravagant Succession filming locations from all four seasons. We’ve narrowed it down to the ones that you can visit IRL, whether for free or a couple hundred dollars. 

Fair warning: Spoilers ahead! If you have yet to finish watching the entire series, you might wanna bookmark this for later. 

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Succession filming locations to visit in New York state

1. The Plaza Hotel

Succession filming locations new york

Image credit: winddancer via Canva Pro

Arguably one of the most famous landmarks in Manhattan is The Plaza Hotel. This hotel is an excellent example of the beauty of French Renaissance Revival architecture. Throughout its lifetime, The Plaza played host to numerous people of influence and power.


succession filming locations

Image credit: HBO

True enough, the hotel’s function is not far from the show. Succession makes use of this hotel as an important venue in recognising the influence of Waystar Royco. In Season 3 of the show, this is where Logan Roy meets important would-be presidential candidates. The hotel is where they curry favours for each other, and its aftermath determined the direction in which America would course.

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2. The Cunard Building

succession filming locations

Image credit: demerzel21 via Canva Pro

One look at The Cunard Building and it’s easy to see why the Roys would fancy the place. Grandiose isn’t enough to describe this New York City landmark. The building functioned as the Cunard transatlantic shipping line’s passenger terminal. Today, it is a commercial building that functions as a retail and events space.

succession filming location

Image credit: HBO

The Roys rented this beautiful architectural marvel to host their grand charity gala in Season 1. Naturally, everyone invited is dressed to the nines. As they should, since the interior of The Cunard is equally as gorgeous as — if not better than — its facade. Ornate murals depicting maritime travel adorn its walls, and it serves as an elegant backdrop for a black-tie affair. The Roys’ billion-dollar wealth does come with taste, after all.

3. East New York Freight Tunnel

Succession filming locations new york subway

Image credit: HBO

Most fans of the show would think that Succession filming locations are nothing but grandeur. But there are rare cases in the show that utilise New York’s diverse boroughs. The East New York Freight Tunnel in Brooklyn is one such example. It’s a tunnel that doesn’t see much use today since its rail line is inactive. Today, it is now a popular spot for intricate graffiti pieces.

In Season 1, Kendall, Roman, and Connor, along with cousin Greg and brother-in-law Tom, visit these abandoned tracks — which were actually the entrance to a secret bar for Tom’s bachelor party. This isn’t exactly true in real life, but an abandoned subway station does fit as a place to brew a conspiracy. This is exactly what happened when Kendall met with his projected business partners, Stewy and Sandy, to plan a hostile takeover of Waystar Royco.

4. Six Flags Great Escape – Lake George

Here’s another Succession filming location for plebeians, at least, if your last name is Roy. Otherwise, Six Flags Great Escape, named Brightpark in the show, hosts tons of endless fun, regardless of your economic stature. A thrilling ride or two at the Steamin’ Demon Roller Coaster would convince anyone to spend more time and adrenaline exploring the theme park. 

succession filming locations

Image credit: HBO

This is where cousin Greg makes his first appearance and begins his corporate ascent. Hard to imagine that behind the mascot costume lies one of the most cunning characters in the show, huh? Later, Roman goes to the same park for management training. The youngest Roy son would also end up in a mascot costume in the theme park, learning that he needs to appease “the plebeians” to amass their billions.

5. Central Park

Succession filming locations new york central park

Image credit: Sheeromme via Canva Pro

It’s not New York City without Central Park. Chances are, this is the place that pops up in anyone’s mind when mentioning Manhattan. Its wide spaces, lush foliage, and gorgeous walkways stand out in the middle of the busy borough. Many locals and tourists make their way here, whether it’s for leisurely recreation or simply as a path to their destination while in Manhattan.

succession logan roy central park

Image credit: HBO

In a rare instance of humanity, Logan Roy walks with his bodyguard Colin in Central Park after his hectic birthday celebration. While not entirely shedding his usual stern scowl, Logan did muse about his mortality to his bodyguard. It was a sombre moment in the show and an uncharacteristic melancholy from Central Park brought out the scene’s vulnerability and gravity.

6. Whiteface Lodge – Lake Placid

One of the most lavish Succession filming locations is Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid. This resort has spacious luxury cabins and townhouses for its guests. And if that isn’t enough, Whiteface Lodge sits near the Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by rich flora and fauna. Packages that showcase its natural beauty are available for purchase in the hotel.


Image credit: HBO

Unfortunately, the Roys didn’t need the breathtaking views when they went to the lodge for Argestes: the fictionalised Davos World Economic Forum set in Season 2. Instead, they engaged the matriarch of PGN, a news conglomerate that Waystar Royco wants to acquire. The normally peaceful Whiteface Lodge suddenly became much tenser when the controversy about Waystar Royco broke out during their negotiations.

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7. The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola

Succession filming new york logan roy funeral

Image credit: Lawrence OP 

The penultimate episode of Succession featured the gorgeous Church of St. Ignatius Loyola. Locals of NYC hold this Jesuit church dearly as it holds a solemn but vibrant atmosphere. Inside the church, stained glass windows and sculptures depicting saints adorn its walls and altar.

Image credit: HBO

It truly is a scenic space, even if the events that took place in the show here were sombre. Almost every character in the show went to pay their last respects to Logan Roy. Words from people close to him showed how revered he is in shaping the world, most of which came from his eldest son and only daughter. However, his legacy was levelled by his own brother, Ewan, who gave an honest look at the media giant’s life. This church contains Logan’s presence, even in death, showing the showrunners’ impeccable prowess over countless Succession filming locations.

8. Liberty Island

Image credit: Lunamarina via Canva Pro

We now get to the icon of the Big Apple. Liberty Island holds possibly the most famous landmark in the entire world, apart from maybe the Eiffel Tower. This island has the Statue of Liberty standing proudly over the Hudson River. Once Lady Liberty is in sight, The City That Never Sleeps is close by.

Image credit: HBO

This Succession filming location is where Connor Roy and Willa Ferreyra had their wedding. And in true Connor fashion, the wedding had to be bombastic. And with a luxury ferry carrying their guests to the island, the attention their wedding will get isn’t far off. But once again, Connor has to live in his father’s shadow after Logan’s sudden demise casts its shadow over the eldest son’s win.

9. Oheka Castle – Long Island

Succession filming boar on the floor

Image credit: OhekaCastleNY

There’s no need to fly to Europe for castles when in New York. Oheka Castle easily trumps the rest of the extravagant Succession filming locations on this list. Just by the sheer size of the structure, it’s quite easy to believe that it’s the largest private property in New York and the second biggest in the United States! While it functions as a hotel today, touring the mansions is also possible through reservations.

Image credit: HBO

In Season 2, the castle served as a stand-in for a villa in Hungary, where the Waystar Royco executives (and select minions) went on a retreat. The evident opulence behind the Oheka Castle fits Succession with terrifying effect. This is where we learn the extent of Logan’s depravity whenever he wields his power in a game of “Boar on the floor.” During their dinner, Logan orders his top brass to get on the floor and fight for sausages. And they could do nothing but comply with his whims.

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10. Battery Park

where was Succession finale filmed

Image credit: Reptile8488 via Canva Pro

While now known for its riverside view of the Hudson, there is actually a lot of history behind Battery Park. During New York City’s formative years in the 17th century, the park area had artillery battery emplacements, in case invaders try their hand. The park is also spacious enough to host iconic landmarks of New York like the SeaGlass Carousel, Battery Labyrinth, and Castle Clinton National Monument.

Succession filming locations finale kendall

Image credit: HBO

Sunsets in Battery Park can be a precious sight to behold. At the very end of the show, our number one boy, Kendall attempts to collect himself from the devastation after GoJo’s takeover. It seemed like the end of the world for him, but fortunately, Kendall walks away with $2B for his troubles (and trauma).

11. World Trade Center

Waystar Royco building NYC

Image credit: clintcpopineau via Canva Pro

It would be absurd not to think that Waystar Royco established its headquarters in none other than the World Trade Center. From the beginning up to the very end, these offices contained everything that happened between the Roys. While the real-life office units from the show are for rent, the building can be visited for photos or viewing from the outside.

Succession filming locations in Europe and beyond

12. Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire – England

Eastnor Castle is a luxurious estate in Herefordshire and it is just straight out of a fairy tale. Gothic Revival was the primary inspiration for the castle’s architecture, with natural woodlands and deer parks surrounding it. It’s simply a fantasy come to life and with the right amount, it can be anyone’s next wedding venue or lodging.


Image credit: HBO

For a show about media and tech conglomerates, Succession really seems to be fond of using castles for their events. But if you’re from a billionaire family, we can guess living in these estates is second nature. They are the modern monarchies, after all. In the show, Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans hold their destination wedding here and it’s as extravagant as anyone could imagine.

13. V&A Dundee Museum – Scotland

Succession filming locations dundee

Image credit: John Allan 

There is always a looming question in every Succession fan’s head. Where was Succession filmed when Kendall dropped the hottest rap track in the show? And more importantly, why did they allow it?

Image credit: HBO

Fortunately, dear Succession fan, we have an answer. The V&A Dundee Museum specialises in curating and exhibiting modern and postmodern art. Its striking architecture immediately defines its eccentricity but also, its boldness. Suddenly, dropping a cringe rap track makes sense. Because despite the cringe, L to the OG is actually modern art.

Fun fact: The city of Dundee is the birthplace of both Logan Roy and the actor Brian Cox himself! 

14. La Foce, Tuscany – Italy

The region of Val d’Orcia in Tuscany is the very definition of picturesque rolling hills and wide landscapes. At its heart is La Foce, a luxury villa that makes brilliant use of its surrounding natural beauty. Its gardens, aside from being perfectly manicured, are also productive when it comes to quality wines and olives.

La Foce’s agriturismo program lets interested guests book stays in the villa while enjoying the nature and landscape. For a closer view of the Amiata Mountains as well as proximity to the estate farm, the B&B Palazzolo villa provides that luxury with ease.


Image credit: HBO

This Succession filming location is the venue for Lady Caroline Collingwood’s union to businessman Peter Munion. The Roys attend the wedding of their mother and Logan’s ex-wife. Of course, only smart businessmen would connive in such a prolific and potentially lucrative wedding. Good thing that they get to do it within the luxurious walls of La Foce.

15. Villa La Cassinella, Lake Como – Italy

Properties situated at the shores of Lake Como come with a very hefty price tag and for good reason. Enjoying a lakeside view surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges in privacy every waking day is a pleasure that will burn a few million dollars. Villa La Cassinella embodies that dream and just a little bit more for spoilage.


Succession filming locations lake como italy

Image credit: HBO

In the show, this is the vacation villa of Swedish GoJo CEO Lukas Mattson. Logan and his son Roman meet Mattson here to discuss numbers turnout, should GoJo and Waystar Royco become one. But there is posturing here, and the lakeside view is doing a lot of heavy lifting for Mattson — as it should.

16. Korčula – Croatia

Succession filming locations croatia

Image credit: Alfonso via Canva Pro

Who wouldn’t want to shoot in a place as scenic as Korčula? Towards the end of Season 2, the Roys and their confidants spent their time at the seaside village over the Aegean Sea on a luxury yacht. 


where was Succession filmed in croatia

Image credit: HBO

While the sea’s turquoise waters are hard to look away from, the town is just as beautiful too. The old town’s mix of architectural inspirations is very well-preserved. It has a very classical beauty to it, and it’s not a surprise to see billionaires flock to the town for relaxation.

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17. Eggen Restaurant, Åndalsnes – Norway

Even though it’s miles away from the Roy home state of New York, the siblings along with Waystar Royco’s executives flew to Norway. An entire episode takes place on its enchanting mountain ranges, including Eggen Restaurant. Mattson was kind enough to host them in such a place of surreal beauty, where sunrises are close and the sky is much bluer. Romsdalen Gondola, the longest gondola in Norway, can be booked for rides to Nesaksla Mountain.

Image credit: HBO

The siblings carry heavy strife as they fly to Mattson’s home country. Roman, in particular, holds ill feelings towards their potential business partner. At the top of Nesaksla Mountain, Roman confronts the Swede. The catharsis Roman experiences as he unloads on Mattson is as clear as the skies he sees while on the peak of Nesaksla.

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18. Bathsheba Beach –  Barbados

where was Succession finale filmed

Image credit: Flavio Vallenari via Canva Pro

In the final episode, Kendall and Shiv visit Caroline in her lavish beachfront property in Barbados, where Roman was hiding out. Turns out, their brother needed the relaxing views of the tropical paradise that is Bathsheba Beach. He needed to recuperate after a beating from angry protestors back in Manhattan. 


succession filming locations bim island finale

Image credit: HBO

Upon reconciling with one another, the siblings spend the night preparing for their opposition to Mattson’s plans. This reconciliation leads to a beautiful moment of innocence… and after leaving the peaceful beach, it would be their last. (“Meal fit for a king,” anyone?)

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The show might be over, but these Succession filming locations will remember the funny limericks and scathing curses from any of its characters. Would you believe that it has been five years since the first episode? But like the confrontations, the show is so cutting-edge that we bet its legacy will last for a long time. Finally, if you’re a billionaire who happens to read this, just know, we’d be more than happy to be the Greggs in your Tomelette.

Featured image credit: HBO

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