7 Spectacular ‘House of the Dragon’ Filming Locations Worth Visiting

7 Filming Locations for HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’

Flying dragons not guaranteed.

Westeros is back! Set about two centuries before the rise of Daenerys Targaryen, HBO’s House of the Dragon weaves the events of the House Targaryen’s internal war of succession.

Besides the family drama, the violence, and the dance of the dragons, we’re looking forward to the spectacular House of the Dragon filming locations. Game of Thrones was masterful in creating a world that we’d absolutely love getting lost in, and the show’s much-awaited prequel appears to follow suit. A few episodes in and we’re already treated to a show of sweeping vistas and picturesque medieval towns from all over Europe.

Take your love for this epic fantasy series to another level and visit real-world Westeros. Here’s our guide to the otherworldly House of the Dragon filming locations in Spain, Portugal, and England.

1. Cáceres, Spain

Caceres Spain as King's Landing House of the Dragon

Image credit: THEPALMER via Canva Pro

HBO’s House of the Dragon returns to Cáceres, Spain to tell the tales of the Targaryens. Filming for the series took place in the city’s Old Town, seen on screen as the fictional King’s Landing, the site of the Iron Throne. Superfans of Game of Thrones may recognise the city as it was also used to film parts of King’s Landing in the original show.

A historic city founded by ancient Romans, many hail it as one of the most stunning cities in Spain. The well-preserved Ciudad Monumental features cobbled streets, 12th-century stone walls, palaces, and churches — truly the perfect setting for the royal stronghold King’s Landing.

2. Trujillo, Spain

Trujillo Spain Game of Thrones filming location

Image credit: liseykina via Canva Pro

Near Cáceres is Trujillo, another screen-ready medieval town that was filmed for exterior shots of King’s Landing in both House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones.

This city in Extremadura is a beautiful historical settlement, overflowing with medieval buildings and castles. The central Plaza Mayor is an exceptionally pretty place to explore, while the Castle of Trujillo is an ancient hilltop structure that’s definitely one of the most striking spots in town. Fun fact: This castle was used as a filming location for Casterly Rock in Game of Thrones!

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3. Cornwall, England

St Michael's Mount Cornwall

Image credit: Ana Sousa

Dragons flying over a dramatic coastline? It’s easy enough to imagine in the captivating Cornwall county of England. Among the many House of the Dragon filming locations is the 12th-century island castle of St. Michael’s Mount, a rocky isle that becomes the bastion of House Velaryon in the show. HBO also filmed on other Cornwall beaches like Holywell Bay Beach and Kynance Cove. 

Besides the wild coastal landscapes and the allure of visiting key House of the Dragon shooting locations, Cornwall is home to a proud Celtic culture, world-famous surf spots, and picturesque vineyards. A timeless destination, you can almost see the dragons in the sky if you squint.

4. Derbyshire, England

Derbyshire England

Image credit: krzych-34 via Canva Pro

England ends up featuring heavily in the Game of Thrones prequel, with HBO also visiting Peak District in Derbyshire for certain scenes. With the region’s verdant hills, rock formations, and caves, it’s certainly a cinematic setting for one of the most-anticipated shows of 2022. Cave Dale, Eldon Hill Quarry, and the Market Place are reportedly among the spots in the Peak District chosen as House of the Dragon filming locations.

5. Surrey and Hampshire, England

Surrey England House of the Dragon filming location

Surrey | Image credit: Roman Fox

Die-hard fans of the series would have already watched the memorable tournament in the first episode of House of the Dragon. This tourney was filmed at Caesar’s Camp, a hill fort from the Iron Age that straddles Surrey and Hampshire in southern England. HBO’s House of the Dragon crew reportedly put up the set in Aldershot in Hampshire. 

Don’t worry, there won’t be any bloody battles marring the scenery when you visit! Instead, tourists can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in this tourist hotspot overlooking the scenic landscapes of the two counties.

6. Devon, England

Devon Hartland Quay beach England

Image credit: Matt Prosser via Canva Pro

Devon is another spectacular seaside destination where the cast and crew of House of the Dragon were spotted filming. Specifically, HBO filmed scenes in Hartland Quay, a small yet picturesque beach on North Devon’s wild Atlantic coast.

The towering cliffs, crashing waves, and pebbled beaches make for stunning backdrops for photos and TV. However, keep in mind that Hartland seas are extremely rough. Swimming, snorkelling, or surfing is only possible on calmer days.

7. Monsanto, Portugal

Monsanto Portugal House of the Dragon

Image credit: Abeleao via Canva Pro

The moment you step on the streets of Monsanto, Portugal, you’ll discover exactly why it’s one of the House of the Dragon filming locations. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this timeless fortress town is known as the City of Stones. The Portuguese city creates a postcard-pretty vista, with its hillside views, giant boulders, and beautifully rustic architecture. The nearby Penha Garcia Castle was also used in filming the Game of Thrones sequel.

A seamless fit for a number of Westeros cities, Monsanto is an exceptionally preserved destination. It’s home to a medieval castle and charming homes built on the rocky landscape. Recognised as the “Most Portuguese Village in Portugal,” it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country.

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As fans of the Fire and Ice saga, these incredible House of the Dragon filming locations all over Europe are definitely going on our ever-growing bucket list! 

Featured image credit: HBO | Official Website

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