Pokémon Cards Awarded to Fan Who Sold His Collection to Help Sick Dog

Pokémon Fan Gets Free Cards After He Traded Collection to Help Sick Dog

Moved by his actions, Pokémon employees sent the boy free rare Pokémon cards.

Dedicated dog owners would often go over and above to make sure their pets are in tip-top condition. For one such owner, it even once cost him his favourite memorabilia when he needed funds to treat his sick puppy, who was diagnosed with canine parvovirus infection, or parvo for short. But his brave and inspiring deed was shortly rewarded.

Based in Virginia, United States of America (USA), Bryson Kliemann is one of the billions of Pokémon fans around the world who owns a vast collection of Pokémon cards. The only thing he holds in the same high regard for is Bruce, his pet dog and best friend who was infected with the highly contagious dog disease. When his family noticed that Bruce wasn’t acting his energetic self, Kliemann’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff, took the sick dog to the local hospital.

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Choosing dog’s health and safety over Pokémon cards

Upon having Bruce checked, the Woodruff family was faced with a nearly US$700 (S$900) medical bill for their pet puppy’s parvo treatment. Knowing his parents would not be able to afford the money, Kliemann decided to step in by selling his Pokémon cards at a makeshift roadside stall in their neighbourhood. The sign “4 SALE Pokemon”, which was written on large cutout cardboard, was also found close by.

Image credit: Kimberly Woodruff

When Kliemann’s mother found out about his son’s touching efforts, she shared photos of the boy’s Pokémon cards selling initiative online. She even started a GoFundMe page, which raised almost US$6,000 (S$7,900) in funds donated by people from all over the USA. One donor even described Kliemann as “an inspiration in selflessness.” Meanwhile, Kliemann’s stall turned out to be successful as he was able to sell a lot of his collection to fellow Pokémon fanatics.

Kliemann’s story eventually reached the makers of the Pokémon souvenirs themselves. Also moved by his actions, Pokémon employees at Bellevue, Washington sent the boy rare Pokémon cards. These included those first released in 1996. The cards were accompanied by a letter that said, “Hey Bryson, we were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery, these are some cards to help you replace the ones you had to sell.”

According to News 5 WYCB, the excess funds for the now-recovered Bruce’s medical expenses would go to the care and treatment of other dogs in the community. Kliemann’s family will also use some of them for Bruce’s future vaccinations.

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