How I Stay Fit While Travelling

How I Stay Fit While Travelling

Do not make your adventures an excuse; here’s how to stay fit while travelling!

Being a traveller, my lifestyle is almost always spontaneous and every day is unique. Creating regular schedules is often a challenge especially when I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While I do not always feel proud of my fitness decisions, I make it a point to watch my weight, try to exercise, and be careful with what I eat. Travelling should never be an excuse not to stay fit. Here some of my proven and tested tips for staying fit while travelling.

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I never crash diet

There are times when I really want to lose weight and get toned ASAP. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about staying fit, it’s that I should never ever crash diet. Take it from my experience. When I tried crash dieting, I made progress quick but as soon as I gave in to my cravings, I couldn’t stop myself anymore and I went back to square one. My weight-loss became a lot more effective when I ate three to five times a day in good portions.

I try to eat local food but not excessively (most of the time)

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This might not always be true. Food has always been my weakness and I do not ever want to give up being able to experience local cuisines just because I am trying to stay fit. On my last overseas trip, I went all out and gained 5 KG! But hey, there’s nothing to be guilty about. I had an awesome gastronomic adventure! Haha! Anyway, when I noticed how much weight I’ve put on, I gradually decreased my intake and tried my best to taste local food but not overeat.

And I drink as much water as I can

Water is the element that is taken for granted the most when it comes to staying healthy and fit. I do not have specific measurements of how much water I should be drinking everyday. I drink water in between my bites during meal to make sure that I am not bloated and I always carry around a reusable water bottle so I am reminded to drink water every now and then. Also, I drink water before, during, and after exercising or playing sports.

I maintain a short, manageable, and sustainable workout routine

Believe it or not, my staple workout routine only takes 10 minutes a day and does not need any special equipment but a stopwatch. The secret here is consistency. Your workout does not even have to super intense as long as you’re targeting the right parts of your body. Make sure it’s something you know you’ll be able to enjoy doing. My workout consists of 5 minutes cardio (jog in place, jumping jacks, and plie squats) and another 5 minutes for my lower abs (I followed an ab routine on YouTube) because that is my most problematic area. If I have spare time, I work on my bat wing arms or do a second round of cardio and abs.

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I try doing sports

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When I was in high school, my body transformed from skin-and-bones to muscle-and-bones because I played and trained volleyball. As I grew up, I didn’t train as extensively as before but I tried doing other sports like soccer, running, and now surfing. I think the best form of exercise is any sport you enjoy doing. Not only do you sweat, you also have fun! You stay fit without feeling obligated.

Cardio is the easiest form of exercise

I burn calories so I won’t feel guilty of gaining them. It’s only but a cycle. Whether or not you are trying to lose weight or tone your muscles, cardio should always be present. Weight-lifting will also not be as effective without cardio in between. This is why even when my target areas are my abs, inner thighs, and arms, I always make cardio a priority. In between muscle work, I jog in place, do different kinds of jumping jacks, and if I’m lucky, I can run outdoors or use a treadmill at the gym.

YouTube is my best friend

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I used to follow this 30-day programme on YouTube. I really loved it because it only took 10 minutes a day and did not require a lot of equipment, just a pair of dumbbells. There are so many free resources online, especially on YouTube. Over time, I was able to stitch my own workout routine based on my resources to tailor-fit my needs and focus on my target areas.

I set goals and try to achieve them

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My ultimate purpose of trying to stay fit is so I can confidently wear a bikini when I surf. My goals have always revolved around how much weight I should lose over time. Nowadays, that’s not the case anymore. My goal is to tone muscles and because muscles weigh more, weight becomes relative. My point is that I keep a goal and all my activities should be directed towards reaching this goal. If it’s muscle toning, then I focus on intensive muscle workouts and insert cardio exercises. If the goal is to lose weight, I maintain a strict diet and do more cardio.

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I habitually check my weight

As much as I don’t want to, my weight will always be my benchmark. I would know if I have been careless about my healthy if I start gaining more pounds than usual. When I travel, I ask hostels if they have scales, or when I’m at a mall, I go to the department store to check my weight. #truestory

Discipline and patience are key

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All the tips I’ve mentioned are useless without discipline. You have to fight yourself against eating excessively, skipping workouts, and forgetting to drink water. Remember, the only thing keeping you from achieving your goals is yourself. Lastly, goals are not achieved overnight. You have to be patient so you can see the results.

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I hope I was able to help and encourage you into staying fit while travelling. Having fun, exploring cultures, and seeing the world cannot stop me from becoming a better version of myself. What’s stopping you?

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