Best Influencer Beauty Brands for Makeup and Skincare

Best Influencer Beauty Brands for Makeup and Skincare

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Say what you will about influencers, but one can’t deny that a handful of them can certainly walk the talk. Several beauty vloggers, for instance, have gone from being just ambassadors or co-collaborators for brands to having their own beauty line! After all, if you already have both star power and experience, then why not take it up a notch?

Below is a list of the best influencer beauty brands to add to your shopping cart! 

Must-try makeup and skincare brands by beauty YouTubers

1. KraveBeauty

One of the most popular influencer skincare brands today, KraveBeauty was founded by NYC-based vlogger, Liah Yoo. The products, however, are manufactured in Seoul — which is why they’re often compared with other cult fave K-beauty brands. What sets KraveBeauty apart is that it’s all about low-maintenance (yet effective) skincare. In fact, its current lineup only has five products!

Our top picks: Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser and Great Barrier Reef

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2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The internet star made waves in 2014 when he launched his makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Originally composed of three liquid lipstick shades, it now boasts an extensive collection ranging from eyeshadow palettes and highlighters to makeup organisers. And to top that all off, these makeup essentials come in the cutest packaging, too! 

Our top picks: Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette, Velour Liquid Lipstick, and Magic Star Concealer

3. Huda Beauty

Anyone with enough knowledge about makeup has definitely heard of Huda Beauty. Among all the influencer beauty brands, it has the highest number of Instagram followers to date. It all started out in 2013, when Dubai-based blogger and makeup artist, Huda Kattan, made her own false eyelashes that perfectly fit her. Fast forward to the present day, its roster has expanded to long-lasting lip kits, full-coverage foundation, and more. 

Our top picks: #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation, and Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette

4. Em Cosmetics

As a pre-teen in the mid-’00s, Michelle Phan was one of the first beauty YouTubers I followed for basic know-how. So when I found out years later that she’s launching her own brand, of course, I just had to try it! The products are vegan and cruelty-free, with most of these having skin-loving ingredients for total versatility. 

Our top picks: Divine Skies Eye Shadow Palette, Illustrative Eyeliner, and Color Drops Serum Blush

5. One/Size

Before Bretman Rock, there was Patrick Starrr: A Filipino American vlogger and makeup artist whose mantra is “Makeup is one size fits all.” And lucky for us, One/Size is easily accessible even in Southeast Asia! It currently has 20 products such as makeup-removing mist and top-notch setting powder.  Meanwhile, the prices range from US$8 to US$42, so there’s definitely something for everyone — regardless of age, gender, and skin colour! 

Our top picks: Ultimate Blur Setting Powder, BrowKiki Nourishing Brow Gel

6. Lunar Beauty

Lunar Beauty is also one of those influencer beauty brands that are all about defying gender norms regarding makeup. Founded by Manny Mua in 2018, it offers various eyeshadow brush palettes, brush sets, lip gloss, and more. They even have dazzling celestial-inspired names that make it harder to pick just one! 

Our top picks: Jupiter Moon Prism, Dreamy Lip Gloss, and Eternal Eclipse Color Palette

7. Summer Fridays

It’s not every day you come across influencer skincare brands conceptualised by a duo, and yet such is Summer Fridays: The brainchild of beauty gurus, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores. Their beauty line initially started with one product, the Jetlag Mask, which certainly lives up to its name — and even sold out within two weeks when it first launched! Now, they’re currently expanding to cleanser, serum, and lip balm. 

Our top picks: Jet Lag Mask and Lip Butter Balm Vanilla

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8. Elaluz

Internet star Camila Coelho had her humble beginnings working at a Dior makeup counter, which inspired her to start a YouTube channel showcasing her fave looks and step-by-step tutorials. Last year, she launched her own beauty brand, Elaluz, which covers skincare, makeup, and hair products that globetrotters like her could rely on. The name means “She is light” in her native language of Portuguese!  

Our top picks: Beauty Oil, 24K Lip Therapy, and Stick Bronzer with Camu Camu

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With such makeup and skincare brands, these vloggers and Insta-famous folks definitely prove that they’re more than “just influencers”! BRB — adding more of these to our to-buy list (savings, who?). 

Featured image credit: KraveBeauty | Official Website

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