Sentosa Sensoryscape: The Newest and Grandest Attraction on Singapore’s Sentosa Island

Sentosa Sensoryscape: The Newest and Grandest Attraction on Singapore’s Sentosa Island

This 30,000 square metre oasis promises immersive, multi-sensorial experiences.

Singapore’s Sentosa Island has welcomed a grand new addition to its array of tourist and leisure attractions: Sentosa Sensoryscape.  Situated right in the heart of Sentosa, Sentosa Sensoryscape links Resorts World Sentosa in the north to Sentosa’s beaches in the south. It opens to the public on 14 Mar 2024, as a new development promising guests an enchanting day-to-night experience with dazzling digital light art and augmented reality. 

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Sentosa Sensoryscape: A 30,000 square metre oasis offering immersive, multi-sensorial experiences

sentosa sensosryscape singapore

Sentosa Sensoryscape uses an artistic combination of nature, architecture, and technology to stimulate all six senses, including the sense of imagination. Here, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the island’s abundant biodiversity. 

Charming sensory gardens

sentosa sensoryscape singapore

Spanning 30,000sqm, Sentosa Sensoryscape is home to an array of gorgeous sensory gardens known as the Lookout Loop, Tactile Trellis, Scented Sphere, Symphony Streams, Palate Playground, and Glow Garden. Each sensory garden boasts immersive and audio-visual experiences which will surely delight guests of all ages. 

Enjoy the captivating blend of nature and man-made innovation in the sensory gardens, each one crafted to tickle one of the six senses. Make sure you come with your camera and phone batteries charged — you won’t want to stop snapping pictures as you go deeper into the Sensoryscape!

Sensoryscape’s ImagiNite Experience: A Breathtaking Night-Time Display

As night falls, a dazzling outdoor immersive experience known as the ImagiNite takes place. The only one of its kind in Southeast Asia, ImagiNite brings a nature-inspired soundscape to life using interactive digital light art and augmented reality. 

sentosa sensoryscape singapore

Guests will be enthralled by the beautiful light shows and digital floor projections that depict imaginative dreamscapes such as enchanting underwater worlds. 

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With its vivid depiction of imaginary, lush settings, the ImagiNite looks extremely promising. The ImagiNite starts at 7.50pm every night, so make sure to hang around at the Sensoryscape until then to enjoy some seriously dazzling sights.

Hoping to bring home some sweet photographs for good memories? Guests will have a fabulous time taking stunning photos at Sentosa Sensoryscape, thanks to Sentosa Development Corporation’s partnership with the illustrious Samsung Electronics Singapore which will provide guests with unparalleled photographic experiences at Sentosa Sensoryscape.

At Sentosa Sensoryscape, guests can look forward to unlocking a world of wonder and seeing imagination come to life. We think that guests of all ages will be thoroughly delighted by everything the Sensoryscape has to offer!

Sentosa Sensoryscape is the first key milestone of the Sentosa-Brani Master Plan which aims to redevelop the two islands into a game-changing leisure and tourism destination. Sentosa Sensoryscape is open 24 hours daily, and the ImagiNite experience is available from 7.50pm to 9.40pm.

All images are credited to Sentosa Development Corporation.

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