Singapore and Japan to Resume Essential Travel From September 2020

Singapore and Japan to Resume Essential Travel From September 2020

The resumption of essential travel between Singapore and Japan will cover short-term business travellers, expatriates and other long-term residents.

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Singapore and Japan can look forward to the resumption of essential and business travel from 18 Sep 2020.

The news comes after both countries agreed to relax existing restrictions due to COVID-19. Termed the Business Track, Singapore and Japan resuming essential travel was announced following a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on 11 Sep 2020.

With the resumption of cross-border travel and business interactions, safety measures will have to be observed. This includes pre-departure and post-arrival COVID-19 tests. Visitors would also have to adhere to a 14-day itinerary upon arrival.

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A first for Japan

While Singapore has already established reciprocal green lanes with countries like China, Malaysia, Brunei and New Zealand, this step is the first for Japan.

The country, which currently bans the entry of all foreign nationals from 146 designated countries and regions, said in late July it will enter into discussions with 12 Asian economies, including Singapore, on ways to resume travel.

The agreement between Japan and Singapore will cover short-term business travelers as well as expatriates and other long-term residents, the Japanese Foreign Ministry revealed.

MFA also added that the track will “help restore connectivity and support economic recovery” for both countries. With more and more green lanes in the works between Asian countries, it spells a good sign for the region’s economy and growth. Let’s hope the opening of essential travel between Singapore and Japan can spark other countries to do so.

Stay updated with the latest requirements, health protocols and application process on the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and the SafeTravel website. They will be published by 18 Sep 2020.


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