10 Fun Pet Cafes for You to Check Out in Singapore

10 Fun Pet Cafes in Singapore

No pet? No sweat.

Owning a pet brings so much joy to a person’s life! Yet, there are many reasons why some animal lovers don’t keep pets. Perhaps the person’s family is severely allergic to fur. And for animal lovers living in Singapore, it can be very expensive to upkeep certain breeds of pets. In this case, the next best alternative would be to play with animals at a pet cafe in Singapore!

There are many dog and cat cafes in Singapore where you can enjoy a fun, fur-filled time with the adorable animals! In this article, we’ve picked out 10 fun pet cafes in Singapore which we think animal lovers will love.

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Fun pet cafes in Singapore for animal lovers

Cat cafes

1. SGCatHouse

pet cafe in singapore

Image credit: SGCatHouse | Official Website

Want to meet many different breeds of adorable cats? Head to SGCatHouse, which is home to nine breeds of pedigree cats! Some cats you can play with here include the ragdoll, munchkin, American Shorthair, and Abyssinian cats. What’s more, you can even enjoy complimentary free-flow drinks during your visit! With entry costing S$9 per hour, S$15 for two hours, and S$28 for a day pass, SGCatHouse is one of the most affordable cat cafes in Singapore. It’s advisable to make a reservation before heading to SGCatHouse. 

Location: 729 Geylang Road

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 11am to 9pm; Sat to Sun, 11am to 10pm

2. Gem Cat Cafe

fun pet cafes singapore

Image credit: Gem Cat Cafe | Official Instagram 

Any fans of the British shorthair cat? Head to Gem Cat Cafe, which specialises exclusively in British shorthairs! British shorthairs are known for their distinctively round heads and faces which make them look like cuddly teddy bears. They’re generally affectionate and easygoing. Fun fact: thanks to their expressive faces, British shorthair cats are often featured in memes!

Entry to Gem Cat Cafe is priced at S$15 per hour and S$25 for two hours. Plus, entry comes with a free scoop of gelato! The cafe has received great reviews — it’s recommended you make a reservation before heading down.

Location: 107 Desker Road

Opening hours: Tue to Fri, 12 to 10pm; Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays, 10am to 10pm

3. NekoTown Cat Cafe

pet cafe in singapore

Image credit: NekoTown Cat Cafe | Official Website

If you’re looking for a highly-rated, affordable pet cafe in Singapore, make a trip to NekoTown Cat Cafe! Entry on weekdays and weekends is priced at S$9 per hour and S$12 per hour respectively. Plus, all guests get to enjoy free flow drinks during their visit! This cafe is easily one of the most wallet-friendly cat cafes you’ll encounter in Singapore.

Furthermore, NekoTown is home to over a dozen adorable kitties of various breeds, so you’ll get to play with many kinds of cats here. If you’re planning to drop by on a weekend, it’s recommended to book an appointment to avoid disappointment!

Location: 658 Geylang Road (Lor 40)

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 11am to 9pm; Sat to Sun, 11am to 10pm

4. Wildflower Studio

cat cafes singapore

Image credit: Wildflower Studio | Official Facebook 

If you’re up for art jamming while surrounded by lovely kitties, visit Wildflower Studio, a unique pet cafe in Singapore that serves as an art jamming cum cat cafe! Wildflower Studio also works with cat rescue groups, and even has a kitten fostering and socialisation programme. 

At Wildflower Studio, there are two types of sessions you can choose from. The first is the chill and paint with cats session. This is an unguided session whereby the in-house cats roam freely and visitors can take their time to play with the felines while painting or even doing some work. Payment for this session is collected on a per-hour basis, with the first hour costing S$20.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a more structured, guided experience, you can opt for the semi guided art jam with cats session. Participants will be guided in their art jamming experience while the in-house kitties roam around. You’ll also enjoy a cat photoshoot. What’s more, you can even try feeding the in-house cats their meals! This session lasts for 2.5 hours and costs S$48 per person. 

Wildflower Studio has received excellent reviews, so consider dropping by!

Location: 56A Niven Road

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 10am to 7pm; Sat to Sun, 10am to 8pm. Do note that the cats nap from 12 to 2pm!

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5. Meownistry of Meow

Image credit: Meownistry of Meow | Official Facebook

Need some moral support while working? Try heading to Meownistry of Meow, a unique coworking space where you can work while chilling with the friendly in-house kitties! With over a dozen cats here, free wifi and ample charging points, Meownistry of Meow is a purr-fect coworking space for cat lovers. What’s more, admission is priced very affordably at S$10 per hour, S$18 for two hours, or S$30 for a day pass.

Another fun fact about Meownistry of Meow is that it offers several types of private rooms available for booking — some of which even come equipped with a karaoke system!

Location: 4A Jalan Klapa 

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily 

6. Meomi Cat Cafe

Image credit: Meomi Cat Cafe | Official Facebook

Meomi Cat Cafe is another pet cafe in Singapore where you can play with some gorgeous, fluffy cats. Just look at how expressive they are! Plus, the cats here have really cute names, such as Frowny, Mario, and Mori! Admission is priced at S$14 per hour. To visit Meomi Cat Cafe, do make a reservation via Instagram or Facebook.

Location: 668 North Bridge Road

Opening hours: Mon to Wed and Fri to Sun, 11am to 8pm. However, operating hours may vary, so do check with Meomi Cat Cafe when making your reservation.

Dog cafes

7. World of Paws

dog cafes singapore

Image credit: World of Paws | Official Instagram

World of Paws is a family-friendly dog cafe in Singapore where you can play with adorable dogs of many breeds. Mimi, the tiny smiley Pomeranian, and George, the fluffy Old English Sheepdog, are just some of the lovable doggies you’ll meet. Plus, visitors have also mentioned that the dogs here are really friendly!

Booking a visitation session at World of Paws entitles you to an hour of play time with the doggies. Currently, under its holiday season promotion, you can play with the dogs, enjoy complimentary gelato ice cream, and take family photos at S$22 per person! 

Location: 200 Pandan Gardens, #01-07. World of Paws is located inside the PeopleUp Enrichment Hub.

Opening hours: Wed to Fri, 3 to 7pm; Sat to Sun, 12 to 6pm

8. Snow Pawttage

dog cafes singapore

Image credit (L–R): Esther Yue, Courtesy of Emily Yue

Samoyed lovers should head to Snow Pawttage, the first pet cafe in Singapore to specialise exclusively in samoyed dogs! For those who’ve never heard of the samoyed, the samoyed is a medium to large-sized dog breed known for its perpetual smile and snowy white fur. There are eight fluffy in-house samoyeds here (also known as ‘sammies’) — and they’re very excitable and friendly, so visitors should gear up for a high-energy session! Fun fact: you can tell the sammies apart by looking at their coloured tails. 

Snow Pawttage offers 45-minute play sessions. The entrance fee is S$40 on weekdays, and S$45 on weekends, public holidays, and the eves of public holidays. Do note that this sammy cafe doesn’t accept walk-ins — you can book a timeslot in advance with Snow Pawttage via Instagram, Facebook or Xiaohongshu.

Location: 290D Joo Chiat Road

Opening hours: Mon to Tues and Thurs to Fri, 11am to 3.30pm; Sat to Sun, 11am to 5pm

9. Chow Cute Cafe

pet cafe in singapore

Image credit: Chow Cute Cafe | Official Instagram 

Chow Cute Cafe is a pet cafe in Singapore where you can get up close with a chubby chow chow! The chow chow is an adorable dog breed that has a distinctly round, furry face with a thick coat of fur and a blue tongue. They tend to be loyal and protective in nature. 

Not only can you play with the chow chows at Chow Cute Cafe; you can even bring your own pets along. Fun fact: there’s also a cute samoyed here, so you’ll get to meet two breeds of dogs!

Spending a minimum of S$18 per adult or S$12 per child (for children aged 12 and below) on the in-house menu entitles you to a 90-minute session at Chow Cute Cafe. The menu offers a selection of food and desserts suitable for both humans and doggies, so it’s pretty easy to meet the minimum spending requirement.

Location: 16 The Oval Seletar Aerospace Park

Opening hours: Wed to Thur, 11am to 6.30pm; Fri to Sat, 11am to 7pm

10. What The Pug

pet cafe in singapore

Image credit: What The Pug Cafe | Official Instagram

Last but not least, the final item on our pick of fun pet cafes in Singapore is What The Pug. As its name suggests, this is a dog cafe that specialises in pug dogs! Pugs are characterised by their flat faces and floppy ears, and they’re also generally laidback in nature. As such, pugs have fans from countries all over the world.

Each petting session at What The Pug runs for 45 minutes, during which you’ll also receive a drink and a polaroid photo.​​​​​​​ Patrons have also mentioned that the cafe owner is really friendly, so you can expect to learn lots of cool information about the pugs during your visit.

Do purchase an admission ticket in advance via What The Pug’s website. Depending on the specific admission date, the tickets are typically priced at S$25 or S$28, but keep a lookout for special discounts.

Location: 80 Haji Lane

Opening hours: Tue to Sun, 12 to 8pm

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Within this list of pet cafes, you’ll probably find more than one pet cafe in Singapore for a paw-fect time! Feeling inspired by any of the places mentioned?

Featured image credit: tl from Lucky Design via Canva Pro

Note: Various house rules apply to the abovementioned pet cafes. For example, young children may require the supervision of an adult guardian.

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