14 Singapore Indoor Playgrounds to Have Fun Even When It’s Raining

14 Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore to Feel Like a Kid Again

These parks give non-stop fun, rain or shine!

Most people would have an idea of just how many attractions Singapore has for every kind of tourist. But maybe active adrenaline junkies and kids at heart are a little bit more spoiled when it comes to activities in the Little Red Dot. Choosing to spend time inside a Singapore indoor playground can be a chore, just because there are so many to choose from! 

Try these exciting spaces out for some unbridled fun and enjoyment, whether you’re going out with kids or simply looking to relive your own childhood memories.

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Singapore indoor playgrounds for exhilarating thrills

1. Canopy Park Jewel

There is a world-class Singapore indoor playground that you can go to as soon as you arrive at Jewel Changi Airport! The Canopy Park hosts a number of areas for fun activities suited for thrill seekers. You can test your balance by going through the anxiety-inducing heights of the Walking Net or reach the highest peaks of Jewel’s trees by jumping off the Bouncing Net. Maybe you can practice flipping here before looking for a trampoline park in Singapore!

We can’t leave out the kids, of course. Foggy Bowls has clouds coming out of the ground, while Discovery Slides is a viewing deck-slash-sculpture which you can actually slide on! Both of these attractions are child-friendly but are definitely entertaining areas for any age.

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2. Xscap8

If you think an overground obstacle course is tough, wait until you see Xscap8’s version! A new addition to the ever-growing roster of Singapore playgrounds, Xscap8’s obstacle course is suspended 10m above the ground. If you’re not afraid of heights, unleash that inner acrobat to get through this course! 

3. Climb Central

Rock climbing can be a lot of fun while also being a great exercise. But truth be told, rock climbing can be unbearable even when it isn’t raining because of the scorching sun. Good thing Climb Central at Kallang Wave Mall can provide the incredible highs of scaling rock walls with a roof over your head. Greet shoppers passing by at the very top of the wall on this Singapore playground once at the peak!

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4. Airzone

Airzone will certainly give any thrillseeker a huge dose of adrenaline even while it’s raining. Most people can enjoy a Singapore indoor playground in the comfort of being overground. But not in Airzone, oh no. 

One can find this by looking up when you’re on the ground floor of City Square Mall — since the park itself is suspended five storeys high. Apart from the net platform for inflatable balls, there’s a slide, a 3D maze, and even a floating ball pit! If you can stomach the heights, the enjoyment at Airzone can be endless.

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5. Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS

This Singapore playground might just have it all when it comes to giving out a guaranteed adrenaline rush. Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib houses a wide range of facilities to test or help explore one’s physical capacity. From casual walks like the Fossil Labyrinth and the simple Fireman Slides, to intuitive challenges presented by the Ninja Course and Urban Climb, imagination is the limit in this indoor park. 

6. HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir

HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir is another project by the same team who conceived Adventure HQ. This brand new facility from HomeTeamNS opened just a few days after 2023 began, which makes it one of the newest Singapore indoor playgrounds. 

But the young age will prove to be the indoor park’s strength. The Action Motion course will bring out the competitor in anyone as the course will tabulate the best times through its leaderboards. 

Apart from the course, HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir is set to have Singapore’s longest waterslide inside its upcoming indoor water park, as well as the largest wet rope obstacle course. So, wait for these challenging activities once the water park opens!

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7. NERF Action Xperience

Owning a NERF gun is pretty cool, but getting to play with it in friend-teams guarantees a good time. All of that is possible when booking a session in NERF Action Xperience. This is an indoor arena specialised to control the mayhem surrounding flying foam darts, all while being provided with the proper protective gear of course. 

There are a variety of game modes to master, such as the exhilarating Zombie City. For a more action-packed experience, players can also wrest control of strategic zones while going through an obstacle course in Capture the Flag.

Challenges are also available for people who don’t want to use a NERF gun to test overall skills, like the agility and basketball challenge.

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Singapore indoor playgrounds for a laid-back trip down memory lane

8. Bouncy Paradise

Cute and safe goes well with kids and when it’s blown up to humongous scales, it is downright adorable. Bouncy Paradise is the largest inflatable playground in Singapore and is also one of the safest. Even children at heart can revel in bouncing and sliding around without a care in the world because every surface is soft. If anything, the weary adult might even enjoy resting on the soft surface here!

9. The Joy Of Toys

Anyone who holds their childhood memories dear could never resist a room full of toys. And as its name suggests, The Joy of Toys will happily cultivate that happiness in children. 

There are all kinds of toys for children to enjoy, from traditional dolls to highly-detailed building blocks. These are not just fun, but can also help develop toddlers’ cognitive and creative skills. The Joy of Toys rotates their roster of toys every month, so no two monthly playtimes are the same!

10. Snow City

The sight of soft snow mountains will certainly draw out youthful vigour. Snow City has this in spades without flying to winter countries. This chilly indoor playground will let its guests build snowmen, scrape snow angels on the ground, slide down a slope with a toboggan, and even live inside an igloo! All it probably needs is a cup of hot chocolate for that familiar holiday feeling!

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11. Timezone Jurong Point

Image credit: Timezone Jurong Point

When it comes to picking out a Singapore arcade, Timezone will always be a classic choice. The virtual Singapore indoor playground is almost an institution when it comes to video games for more than a decade. Their newest branch is at Timezone Jurong Point and is home to at least 160 video games! Included in this fun lineup are the Arkadia VR Arena for multiplayer mayhem inside a sci-fi VR warzone, and the Drift Bumper Car Track for up to 10 racers.

12. AMPED Trampoline Park

Hailed as the first trampoline park in Singapore, AMPED is possibly responsible for the bouncing crave around the Little Red Dot. AMPED goes to great lengths to make sure that jumping around their platforms is fun and safe. Activities include basketball, wall climbing, and slacklines. Airbags are abundant in this trampoline park, ensuring that everyone is safe in case someone jumps (or flips) too high!

13. The Slide@T3

Changi Airport never runs out of surprises and The Slide@T3 just makes the airport’s Terminal 3 undeniably cool. Spanning four-storeys high, this gigantic slide connects the terminal’s Level 1 all the way down to Basement 3. It’s also a free indoor playground in Singapore since it costs nothing when starting from Basement 2. However, it can get easily crowded, so plan your visit ahead!

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14. The Artground

While The Artground is mostly designed for toddlers and children, adults can certainly admire the art installations doubling as slides and platforms. Another free indoor playground in Singapore, it aims to incite creativity in children and adults alike. Apart from the colourful slides and rock-climbing walls, there is also a community garden for young green thumbs.

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It would definitely be cool to revisit a few childhood experiences and memories, just to see how they changed once growing up. Singapore indoor playgrounds can definitely create that nostalgic atmosphere. If these memories and experiences keep us youthful, may it keep us inspired and fearless for new adventures!

Featured image credit: HomeTeamNS | Official Website

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