Shortest Runway in the World! - Probably Your Most Thrilling Flight

Shortest Airport Runway in the World @ Hell’s Gate

Have faith in your pilot when it comes to this. Check out the world’s shortest (and maybe scariest) runway! Wanna take a really short flight with me?  It's just a 12 minutes flight to a 400m airstrip.

Take a good look at this airport. Yes, that’s the entire airstrip you’re looking at, and it’s only 400m – one round around the stadium. It is so short that even Mo Farah and Usain Bolt may have a problem halting here.

Love it or hate it, your flight from Princess Juliana International Airport to Saba’a Airport will be one of the most thrilling 12 minutes of your life and a memorable travel experience that you won’t forget.

Known as Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, the airport is located near Hell’s Gate at Saba, Caribbean Netherlands. Not too sure if this coincidence is too much of a coincidence, but the famous world’s shortest runway will most definitely leave you and all other passengers on the edge. Talking about living on the edge, you may not want to be too close to either edges of this airstrip.

In case you’re wondering, this runway is not your usual runway. There are only two aircrafts that land there frequently – Twin Otter and BN-2 Islander. Let’s just say this is really exclusive.

Check out the landing at this airport.  A real precision test to any pilot.

Now experience the flight itself.


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