Calling All Nature Lovers! Don't Miss Out On the Event of the Year!

Calling All Nature Lovers! Don’t Miss Out On the Event of the Year!

What’s better than a day of appreciating nature? FIVE WHOLE WEEKS of appreciating nature!

What’s better than a day of appreciating nature?

Image credit: Pesta Ubin Facebook

FIVE WHOLE WEEKS of appreciating nature.

That’s right, Pulau Ubin’s open house is back again, and held over a way longer period this year for you and your nature’s enjoyment!

Aptly named Pesta Ubin, with “Pesta” meaning festival or party, this event promises to be an unforgettable one, what’s with activities such as a mangrove boat tour, kayaking at the quarry, night walks and exhibitions.

pesta pulau ubinImage credit: Pesta Ubin Facebook

Why five weeks, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason of letting participants truly experience themselves into the slow, soothing, and au naturel way of life of Ubin, and while you’re at it, learn a thing or two about the amazing mangroves and habitats of this little island.  

So what are you waiting for? Get ready, get set, and go prep yourself for a few weekends of nature-lovin’ fun!

Held from 14th May to 12th June.

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