A Stay at Villa Stark, the Embodiment of Luxury in Turks and Caicos

A Stay at Villa Stark, the Embodiment of Luxury in Turks and Caicos

Here's to a luxurious staycay at the Turks and Caicos Islands!

If you long for a relaxing vacation with your own space and blissful tranquility, renting a private villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands could be the best solution. Imagine getting all the luxury of a high-end hotel with little to no interference from other guests. Trekking in unsaturated white sandy beaches, having the pool to yourself, and in lines in hotel restaurants. Sounds incredible, right?

Villa Stark offers all this and much more. The private villa can be likened to heaven on earth. It sits on an unbelievably beautiful four-acre beachfront estate in Turks and Caicos, overlooking Grace Bay. This 10-bedroom luxury villa is also close to exciting attractions and a short drive from the local shopping center. For this reason, Villa Stark is the go-to destination for people who wish to relax, rejuvenate, celebrate, and retreat privately.  

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What Villa Stark Has To Offer

Image credit: Villa Stark

Villa Stark has over 20,000 square feet of living space divided into three sections; the main house, beach house, and yoga pavilion. When you first walk through the villa’s doors, you’ll be struck by its grandeur and immaculate condition. All the walls are painted baby powder white to evoke tranquility and harmony.

What’s more, floor-to-ceiling windows complement the minimalist interior by allowing shards of light to warm every room of the property. They also provide unobscured vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Villa Stark boasts six bedrooms in its main house, two in the beach house, and another two in the yoga pavilion. The rooms in the main living area feature king beds and private balconies. Similarly, the sleeping quarters in the beach house have king beds, while the rooms in the yoga pavilion are furnished with queen beds. Each room has air-conditioning, an ensuite bath, and its own terrace.

Image credit: Villa Stark

The main house features numerous state-of-the-art amenities, including a formal dining room, living room, fully-equipped chef’s kitchen, fireplace, and much more. There are also two Jeeps for visitors to explore the area. In addition, in-home treatment services such as massages are available on request. Therefore, you and your closest family and friends can enjoy your time in Villa Stark like royalty. 

The yoga pavilion is an excellent place to relax, practice yoga, and meditate. It is also an ideal place to host an intimate cocktail party. The rooms in this part of the villa have unparalleled ocean views, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. It’s also an excellent place to relish an evening drink under the stars.

Outdoor amenities

Image credit: Villa Stark

Apart from the many amazing indoor amenities that Villa Stark offers, you can also engage in exciting activities in the villa’s outdoor spaces. Three pools are placed strategically on different sides of the property, and loungers are dotted across the entire estate for basking in the sunshine. 

Furthermore, there is an outdoor kitchen with a barbeque grill, excellent for entertaining company. It is complete with a grand patio and dining areas that can each fit up to 12 people. You can also use the lush pathways to access the private beach for a quick plunge in the Atlantic or a leisurely walk on the sand with your loved ones.

Villa stark

Image credit: Villa Stark

Villa Stark is meant for people who want to experience the best that life has to offer. For this reason, the villa includes an on-site butler, maid, and dedicated staff to ensure your expectations match your stay. They cater to your every need and offer plenty of other services, including private chefs, nannies, bartenders, and mixologists, should you need them. 

Villa Stark is keen on making your stay as luxurious as possible. It offers unparalleled oceanfront luxury, which is an entertainer’s dream. Consequently, the estate is perfect for special celebrations, family vacations, and weddings. There’s no denying that the ambiance, contemporary design, and exceptional services offered by Villa Stark will leave you yearning for more. 

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