6 Things to Do in the Caribbean

6 Things to Do in the Caribbean

Swim through clear, calm waters, zip-line across rainforests and explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá. The Caribbean is one of the top destination places in the world and while there are numerous activities to choose from, here are the six best activities that you must do when you visit the Caribbean.

The Caribbean’s clear waters and thrilling activities make the region a much sought after destination place for tourists all around the world. As there are hundreds of must-do activities in the Caribbean, it is often difficult to decide which places to go to, so here’s a list of Caribbean must-do and must-accomplish activities to make sure you do not miss out the essence of the Caribbean.

1. Bob Marley Museum


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Home of reggae music, Jamaica is the birthplace of the famous reggae singer, Bob Marley. Take a peek into the former superstar’s life at the Bob Marley Museum, his home, now a tourist attraction. The city’s most visited site, the Bob Marley Museum features photographs, music and other insight into his life. His bedroom is left as it was, favourite star-shaped guitar by his bedside. And in the room where Marley survived assassination, bullet holes are left untouched.

2. Stingray City at Grand Cayman


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Stroll across the soft, white sands of Cayman islands and get ready to meet some of the most intriguing creatures in the world. Home to a large population of stingrays, Grand Cayman is a great place to feed and stroke many southern stingrays!  If you are afraid of these creatures and prefer not to get wet, watch these beautiful beasts from a glass-bottomed boat. At Grand Cayman, you can also aboard a life submarine and explore the watery depths of the ocean. Well-fitted for all, Grand Cayman is a great place to spend some quality-time with your family.

3. Zip-lining over rainforests


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Jump off the platform and zip away on a rainforest adventure!  The Punta Cana Zipline Canopy Adventure takes you high above the forest canopies. Feel the adrenaline rush and wind through your hair as you fly above the rainforest.

4. Go horseback riding on the beach


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Riding a horse through the Caribbean is like an image pulled out of a storybook. Watch this dream come true as you ride from San Juan across the rugged countryside of Puerto Rico or along the sandy beaches of St John’s. If you prefer, allow yourself the convenience of taking the Zipline and Horseback Riding Combination Tour at the Dominican Republic. Whichever route you take, it will be a fascinating experience.

5. Go tubing down a jungle river


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Come face-to-face with the great rivers of Jamaica and feel the thrill as you’re thrown about in their watery grasp. You can do this anywhere around the Caribbean. Rio Bueno Kayaking Adventure in Jamaica combines water-tubing with a kayaking adventure while the White River Valley Tubing Safari takes you around Ocho Rios, giving you splendid sights of the scenery.

6. Exploring the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá


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Explore Chichén Itzá, the greatest Mayan archaeological site on the Yucatán peninsula and uncover its hidden secrets and mysteries. Admire the magnificent Kukulcan pyramid and climb up the observatory. Be inspired by the beauty of the enormous temple city and have an unforgettable experience!

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