F1 Singapore 2019: Best Viewing Spots to Catch the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix

F1 Singapore 2019: Best Viewing Spots to Catch the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix

From free viewing points to stunning rooftop bars, find out the best spots to watch the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix!

The Singapore Grand Prix is back for the 12th year running, with racing (and music) fans from around the world flocking to this tiny island city in the next few weeks. As the world’s first night race, the Singapore Grand Prix has become very popular with racing fans, as the night conditions make the race even more exhilarating.

While you can watch the whole event from the comfort of your home, the best place to enjoy the action is still right along the circuit. If you want to feel the adrenaline as the cars race through the streets at top speed, here is a list of places where you can catch the action live.

1. Marina Square

Marina Square

Image Credit: Nicolas Lannuzel

Once Singapore’s largest shopping mall, Marina Square is now home to over 200 shops of all categories, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle shops. During F1 season, Marina Square becomes crowded with racing fans, as the mall is one of the cheapest places to watch the Grand Prix. 

For the most comfortable view of the circuit from Marina Square, those in the know will head straight to the food court on the fourth floor. Tip: If you are also planning to watch the Grand Prix live, do go down to the food court early, as the seats by the glass windows get ‘choped’ as early as three hours before the event starts!

If you do not mind the lack of air conditioning, head outside to the roof garden at Marina Square. The roof garden is actually closer to the race track itself, so you get a better view of the action along Raffles Avenue. However, staying at the roof garden might prove difficult due to the warm and humid Singapore weather. Combat the heat by bringing your portable fans and getting cold drinks – using the money you’ve saved from buying a race ticket, of course.

2. Marina Bay Sands: Helix Bridge and Ce La Vi

Every tourist coming into Singapore will definitely recognise the Marina Bay Sands – the iconic hotel which dominates the Singapore skyline along Marina Bay. Besides being the most Instagrammed building in Singapore (and the world!), this world-class shopping destination is also one of the best spots to watch the Grand Prix. 

Helix Bridge

Image Credit: Zairon

Located next to Marina Bay Sands is the Helix Bridge, where you can catch free views of the racecars as they approach the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. While part of Helix Bridge is ticketed entry, those who do not have tickets can still watch the action from the bridge itself. 

For a sky-high view of the F1 circuit, head up to the Ce La Vi Rooftop Bar, located on the highest floor of Marina Bay Sands. At 57 stories above ground, the bar provides sweeping views of the Singapore skyline. This also means that you will be able to catch the whole F1 event amidst the backdrop of skyscrapers. 

Do note that during F1 season, the cover charge applies to everybody – even hotel guests and Sands members. However, the S$28 cover charge also includes one house pour for you to enjoy. If you need a further adrenaline boost, Ce La Vi’s signature cocktails are priced at S$25++.

3. SKAI and JAAN at Swissotel the Stamford

Although Swissotel the Stamford is not located at the waterfront, it holds the title for being the tallest hotel in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Thus, booking a room on the upper floors of Swissotel will definitely give you the same spectacular view of the surroundings, perfect for watching the whole F1 race. Although hotel packages for this year’s F1 season have been fully booked, you can still enjoy the race from one of the restaurants located on the 70th floor of Swissotel. 

The first restaurant is SKAI, a contemporary grill restaurant that is known for its iconic city views and delicious steaks. Reservations are required during F1 season, as you want the best spots in the restaurant where you can also catch the action (hint: it’s right next to the full-length windows). Main courses are priced around the S$60++ range, while their signature beef cuts start from S$70++. 

If you are not feeling hungry for steak, there is also a bar menu for you to choose from. The cocktails at SKAI are created specially for its guests, with different themes of beverages to suit different tastes. For example, those with a sweet palate might consider of the cocktails from their ‘Rainforest’ menu.

The other restaurant on Swissotel’s 70th floor is JAAN by Kirk Westaway, which serves up traditional British cuisine reinvented for modern tastes. Each dish is specially created by executive chef Kirk Westaway, who crafts the dishes to reflect his English origins and seaside upbringing. 

There is only one 8-course dinner menu available at the restaurant, where guests can choose either the standard or the vegetarian option. The dinner menu is priced at S$268++ per guest, but this includes 8 extraordinary dishes and a stunning view of the F1 circuit below you. This might be a once-in-a-lifetime event for you and your guests, so why not enjoy the finest at JAAN by Kirk Westaway?

4. The Lighthouse Restaurant and Rooftop Bar at The Fullerton Hotel

Situated at the mouth of the Singapore River is The Fullerton Hotel, a historic luxury hotel in the heart of the central business district. According to race fans, the hotel is the best spot to view the race cars as they navigate the turns along Fullerton Road, in what may be the most dangerous section of the F1 circuit. 

For a vantage view of the Padang, guests can head to The Lighthouse Restaurant and Rooftop Bar in the hotel itself. The Lighthouse Restaurant is helmed by chef Carlo Marengoni, who serves up authentic Italian dishes using the finest ingredients. Take in the view of the Singapore River as you enjoy a 4-course degustation menu (S$108++) created specially by the chef. Besides the dining room, there is also an alfresco lounge where you can enjoy your Aperol Spritz, among the many cocktails (from S$23++) offered at the rooftop bar.

5. Level33 at Marina Bay Financial Tower


Image Credit: LeVeL33

Across the bay from the Esplanade is the Marina Bay Financial Tower, a cluster of buildings that look like they were carved out of crystal. Located on the 33rd floor of one of these buildings is the world’s highest urban microbrewery. The restaurant, aptly named LeVel33, also has a terrace where you can enjoy a pint of their specialty beer while looking at the Singapore skyline. 

The terrace is highly popular during the F1 season, so do reserve your spot before coming down to LeVel33. Try their speciality brews, including the Ale 200 that is brewed with local black glutinous rice, for $18.50 per pint. Enjoy some craft beer that you cannot find anywhere else, while looking over at the race track across the bay.

6. Smoke and Mirrors, National Gallery Singapore

When the National Gallery Singapore closes its doors, it’s time to move up to Smoke and Mirrors. That’s right; right above the grand National Gallery, you’ll find one of the chic-est and sleekest cocktail bars in Singapore. Although Smoke and Mirrors is just six stories above ground, it boasts an expansive view of the Padang Area, making it the top choice for visitors who want to get close to the racecars as they speed right across them.

Smoke and Mirrors might be known for their perfect location, but they are also known for their unique concoctions with equally unique names. Try out one of their avant-garde cocktails from the “Illusion of Flavours” menu, which include “The Heart of Vincent” and “Dali’s Self Portrait”. We especially recommend “Between the F1”, a refreshing cocktail which takes its inspiration from the annual Singapore F1 race. 

7. 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar

1-Altitude rooftop

Image Credit: Tapoma

If you’re not afraid of heights, why not visit the world’s highest alfresco bar to catch the live action? The entrance to 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar is just a small elevator that brings you right up to the highest floor of One Raffles Place. However, once you step out of the elevator, you will be greeted with a 360-degree view of Singapore – perfect for viewing everything below.

The best part about 1-Altitude is the open area, as guests can walk around and take in the multiple views of the Singapore skyline. 1-Altitude will also be hosting events in conjunction with the F1 race days, as guest DJs will provide entertainment while you watch the race pass by 60 floors down. Tickets are limited in numbers and cost $68 per person, which includes two drinks.

8. Within the Singapore Grand Prix grounds

F1 Singapore live

Image Credit: Erace Motorblog

Last but not least, we would not mention the best places to catch the Singapore Grand Prix without mentioning the race grounds itself. According to avid race fans, the best place to catch all the action up close would be right next to the race tracks. That means you will definitely want to grab a ticket to get as close to the action as possible.

The Singapore Grand Prix tickets do not just allow you to catch the race from one of the many grandstands along the circuit. The ticket includes entry to the zones where the grandstands are, so you are able to roam about and explore the circuit grounds (you can only visit zones of a higher or equal number as yours). Recharge yourself with one of the many food stalls dotting the race grounds. Do look out for performances by Swedish House Mafia, Muse and Gwen Stefani, among many other talented acts!

Tickets are running out fast – most three-day tickets are fully sold out, but you can still purchase single-day tickets just to enjoy the atmosphere within the F1 circuit grounds. Single-day tickets start from $88, depending on the zone and grandstand.


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