Revealed: Top 5 Safest Countries to Visit in 2018

Revealed: Top 5 Safest Countries to Visit in 2018

All countries are good for visiting, but some may be better than others! These are the safest countries to travel to in terms of crime rates, risk of terrorist attacks and political stability.

As we plan for our next trip abroad, there are many things to take into consideration. Naturally, there are the three As; affordability, attractions and accommodation. However, as geo and socio-political tensions are mounting all over the globe, travellers should pay closer attention to the safety of the nations they intend to visit.

To facilitate this decision, the International SOS and Control Risks Center has released a 2018 Travel Risk Map. In their ranking, they have considered the following; medical risk rating, security and road safety to determine the top five safest countries to visit this year!

5. Switzerland

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Did you know that Switzerland is one of the world’s richest countries? Their unique governance of a collective head-of-state system is stable and effective, allowing for a low rate of unemployment and booming economy. Consequently, there is political and social stability within the nation, giving rise to low crime rates. Furthermore, the country takes a neutral stance towards political issues in Europe, and has avoided being a target of major terrorist attacks. Rest easy as you savour Swiss cheese and go skiing in the Alps!

4. Iceland

The views in Iceland go on for days – expect to remain in constant admiration of natural wonders like geothermal lagoons, glaciers and waterfalls. Despite the vast landscape, the country has a very small population of only around 335,000 people. Perhaps it is the abundance of space and privacy that has enabled these civilians to lead a very peaceful life; the average murder count is 1.8 persons a year, and police officers do not carry guns because there are rarely any violent nor petty crimes.

People are respectful towards each other regardless of their personal beliefs, and make an effort to maintain a harmonious society. With both beautiful scenery and people, this place epitomizes peace and stability.

3. Denmark

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If Denmark is the happiest country in the world, you can imagine that it must be a pretty safe place to be in as well. The society is progressive in terms of free speech and social policies, and citizens remain open-minded to different views. Stable economic development has contributed to a relatively low crime rate, although tourists should still be mindful of the occasional pickpocket in denser city areas. Efforts to ensure road safety have also been ramped up, with stricter legislation on drink-driving and the implementation of new safety technologies.

2. Finland

Image credit: Visit Finland

Finland is one of the best countries in the world to chase the Northern Lights, with sightings on at least 200 nights a year in Lapland. This ethereal place also presents itself as an ideal place for travellers. The country prides itself on its free elections and political stability, as well as a stellar education system. These internal factors translate to a society that is well adjusted and trusting of one another, accounting for low crime rates. Perhaps one of the biggest risks in Finland is the unexpected moose – drivers should remain alert at all times when on the road, and watch out for wildlife dashing across the road.

1. Norway

Image credit: Dag Endre Opedal

The top of the list is Norway – a country with breathtaking fjords, endless mountain ranges and snow capped peaks. While you may be spending most of your time away from civilisation, when you do visit the more populated town areas, there is a low crime risk. Similar to Finland, there is a low corruption rate and excellent education here. Furthermore, there is little environmental pollution and low risk of contracting diseases. All in all, travelers have little to worry about when they are here.

It is interesting to note that the top four safest places to travel to are Nordic countries. This geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe has time and again, come up tops in many international rankings that focus on education, happiness and safety. However, perhaps a significant reason for their success is attributed to their insulation from many international risks. Nonetheless, it is still important for travelers to be vigilant of petty crimes and road-related dangers when visiting these countries.

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