18 Must-Try Singapore Beauty Brands From Skincare to Makeup

18 Must-Try Singapore Beauty Brands From Skincare to Makeup

Who knew Singapore was home to so many different kinds of impressive makeup brands?

As far as I’m aware, Singapore beauty brands aren’t talked about as much as American, Korean, and Japanese beauty products, even in Singapore itself. 

However, did you know that the Little Red Dot is actually home to a myriad of award-winning beauty brands? Whether it’s affordable skincare or makeup that will make you glow, there’s plenty of amazing beauty products in Singapore! 

Although some of these brands can lean towards the pricey end, many of them carry sample kits, and a majority of them are pretty wallet-friendly, too. 

Here are our top picks for the best Singapore beauty brands to check out! 

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Singapore skincare beauty brands

1. ést.lab

Developed in collaboration with A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology, and Research), ést.lab prides itself on technology-meets-skincare. 

Thus, it’s no surprise that their best-selling products are their award-winning Eye-Con Kits! These include the Optimalift A+ Intelligent Eye Revitaliser Tri-Action Massager 2.0 (S$106), the Eye Repair Capsules (S$156), and the Multi-Repair Eye Essence (S$119). 

What’s more, this Singapore beauty brand carries a range of other skincare products too, from cleansers and exfoliators, to serums and sunscreens. 

Find out more at their website

2. Rooki

Do you enjoy superfoods like kale smoothies and matcha lattes? What if we told you that your skin would like these antioxidant-rich goodies, too? 

Rooki harnesses the power of superfoods and transforms them into skincare products, so that your skin can enjoy the multiple benefits of antioxidants and vitamins! 

Whether it’s their best-selling Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops (S$59), the Camelina Omega-C Brightening Fluid (S$90), or the Green Pulp Paste Masque (S$64), we’re certain that your skin will thank you for all these nutritional benefits. 

Find out more at their website

3. Sigi Skin

Sigi Skin is yet another award-winning Singapore beauty brand that believes in the benefits of superfood-infused skincare. 

We recommend getting Idyllic Fields (S$78), a lightweight daytime moisturiser packed with matcha extract to combat dryness and inflammation. Come nighttime, Dream Capsule (S$82) is the perfect facial-in-a-bottle that nourishes your skin overnight. 

On that note, although the price tag is a little higher, your glowing skin will make every penny spent worth it. 

Find out more at their website

4. BSkin

BSkin is a Singapore beauty brand whose primary ingredient across all its products are bee-based! These include honey, royal jelly, propolis, and pollen — all of which contain a smorgasbord of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties! 

Crowd favourites consist of the Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment (S$29), the Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum (S$105), and the Smart Skin Cream (S$31). If, however, you’re not sure where to start, opt for the Smart Skin Care Challenge Trial Kit (S$104), which includes their full range of Vita Advanced products. 

(Best of all, you can return the kit within 15 days for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied!) 

Find out more at their website

5. Oasis:skin

Oasis:skin is one of the few Singapore beauty brands that has its own physical store. Aside from its skincare line, Oasis:skin is perhaps more well-known for their Solid Shampoos, uniquely shaped like the French pastry, canelé! 

Prices for this one-of-a-kind product are at S$15, and come in a range of scents, like Tumeric, Rose and Acai & Lavender

Alternatively, if you’re not quite prepared to spend on a shampoo bar yet, you can redeem a free sample of the Solid Shampoo with any purchase! 

Other best-selling items include the Instaglow Brightening Beauty Oil (S$28) and the Organic Pomegranate Beauty Vinegar (S$13.50), an antioxidant-rich concentrate to maintain healthy hair. 

Lastly, who says your furry friend should miss out on skin goodies? Their Pet Solid Shampoo Eucalyptus & Oatmeal (S$13.50) is sure to leave your paw pal fresh and squeaky clean! 

Find out more at their website

6. Re:Erth

Inspired by the Japanese Turmeric goodness of Kyushu, Japan, Re:Erth believes in the benefits of nature-derived and cruelty-free ingredients. Most importantly, this business motto can be seen in their plethora of award-winning products which encourage lit-from-within skin. 

For instance, the Multi-Targeted Elixir (S$116) is a skin-refining serum proven to diminish pores while making the skin firmer and healthier. On the other hand, the Blemish Control (S$87) is the ultimate blemish treatment for clearer pores that’s suited to all skin types. 

Finally, we recommend the Hydrating Gel Moisturizer (S$91). It is oil-free, anti-bacterial, and ideal for any climate. 

Find out more at their website. 

7. Allies of Skin

While the range at Allies of Skin is not as extensive, this Singapore beauty brand leads the game in prioritising quality over quantity. Their product line is categorised into cleaners, mists, serums, acne prone, plus daytime and nighttime essentials. The best part? Almost all of them are award-winning! 

For example, the Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum (S$92) helps to reduce the appearance of dullness by promoting bright, even-toned skin. Perhaps their best-selling item, however, is the Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial (S$120) — proven to brighten and nourish skin. 

Find out more at their website

8. Kew Organics

Organic skincare products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, non GMO, and water-based: That’s what Kew Organics is all about. This Singapore beauty brand is known for its award-winning range of serums which have proven to visibly remove redness and dullness! 

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Whether it’s their Apple Vitaglow Serum (S$90), the Cacao Okra Age Defying Eye Serum (S$67) or the Elixir Hydrating Concentrate Serum (S$179), Kew Organics promises satisfaction and delivers every time.

Are you a newbie to skincare and/or harbour specific skin concerns? Luckily at Kew Organics, you can also schedule a consultation and seek professional advice on the best products for your skin! 

Find out more at their website

9. WANT Skincare

If you’re an advocate for sustainably sourced products, why not try out WANT Skincare? 

This Singapore beauty brand features skincare, haircare, and body care products, all of which contain 100% natural ingredients. beet this honey cleanser (S$30) and the face oil (S$59) are their award-winning holy grail facial products, infused with organic goodies like raw honey, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. 

Find out more at their website

10. PERA Skincare

Inspired by the traditional beauty practices of Peranakan influences, PERA Skincare combines the best of Eastern and Western skincare. 

The Batik patterned Tropical Hydrator Series is specially formulated for hot and humid climates, and features ingredients like rice water extract, peppermint, bergamot, and patchouli. 

Products include the Moisture Lock Purifying Gel Cleanser (S$29), pH Balance Hydrating Facial Toner (S$29), and the Wake-Me Hydrating Moisturiser (S$75). 

Find out more at their website

11. ANIA Skincare

ANIA Skincare follows a very simple motto — use minimal, cruelty-free ingredients that promise quality benefits. 

It is the first Singapore beauty brand to be verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and their minimalist ethos is also mimicked in their sleek packaging. 

Top-selling products consist of the Rose Immortelle Mist (S$64), a light and refreshing toner, and the Prickly Retinol Serum (S$149), which improves skin texture and stimulates collagen production. 

On the other hand, if you’re new to the brand (or to skincare, in general), opt for their Essentials Trial Kit, a sampler set of all their best-sellers; best of all, it’ll only set you back S$19! 

Find out more at their website

12. Two Halves

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Two Halves is a vegan and environmentally-friendly Singapore beauty brand. Although they currently only carry two products, these have been specially formulated in Japan to be the perfect skincare solution for even the busiest people. 

Their Better Balance range of Soothing Hydration Essence (S$85) and Nutrients Networking Water Cream (S$75) contain plant-derived extracts and vitamins to seal in the skin’s natural moisture while reducing inflammation. 

Did we also mention that these products are ideal for sensitive skin? 

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13. Handmade Heroes

Does your self-care routine consist of body exfoliation and a 20-minute mask? If yes, then take a look at the cruelty-free and vegan Handmade Heroes

Focusing on their sustainable, planet-friendly ethos, Handmade Heroes formulates Clay Masks (S$24.90), Body Scrubs (S$21.90), plus Lip Scrubs (S$9.90) and Masks (S$12.90)! Also, their Hyaluronic Lip Dews (S$9.90) comes in four shades, perfect for a hydrating pop of colour. 

Most importantly, this Singapore beauty brand is one of the most pocket-friendly options on the market, with products ranging S$25 and below! 

Find out more at their website

Singapore makeup beauty brands

14. Liht Organics

If you thought that “makeup that is safe enough to eat” sounds bizarre, think again! Liht Organics creates specially formulated high coverage products consisting of 100% natural products that are sustainably sourced, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Ingredients like chamomile extract, coffee powder, jojoba oil, and cocoa seed butter do sound good enough to eat (but you still shouldn’t, of course), and they’re plenty healthy for your skin! 

For instance, the Moisture Burst Lip Glaze (USD$35) comes in 10 highly pigmented shades that’ll leave your lips with a shiny finish, too! Similarly, their Sheer Radiance Blush (USD$48) is an organic, antioxidant-rich formulation that’ll give you a radiant pop of colour. 

Find out more at their website

15. Solos Cosmetics

Solos Cosmetics has a very simple brand identity: travel-friendly, affordable, and most importantly, vegan and cruelty-free. With just a few products under their belt at the moment, rest assured that you’ll be paying for quality products that promise on delivering high-quality results. 

If you love a winged eyeliner and bold lip, this Singapore beauty brand is the one for you! Their Lipmattic (S$12), Splitstix (S$14), and Tintup (S$12) range come in different formulations and shades, which means that you’re sure to find the best product for you. Moreover, their Micro Back and Felt Black eyeliners are perfect for creating that “on fleek” look for only S$8! 

Find out more at their website

Singapore beauty brands

16. Zahara

This halal-certified nail polish brand is the first of its kind in Singapore. 

Zahara prides itself on highly pigmented polishes that are non-toxic and free from the common chemicals found in nail polish (10-free). And yet, these breathable and water and oxygen permeable polishes still glow! (Thus, ensuring that your nails remain healthy while looking beautiful). 

Shop their array of shades at only S$18 a bottle, or save some dollars by purchasing a set instead! 

Find out more at their website

17. Mmerci Encore

Do you believe in the power of essential oils? That it can soothe both your tired mind and body? If so, then take a look at Mmerci Encore, Singapore’s very own beauty brand dedicated to 100% freshly sourced essential oils! 

Their products range from S$22 to S$42, and include both essential oils and aromatherapy blends. Whether you’re combating tiredness or just want to give your skin some extra suppleness, there’s nothing like finding a 100% locally sourced holy grail. 

Find out more at their website


Body scrubs, body creams, bath salts, bar soaps, and aroma essential oils: These are the pride and glory of MANDY T, Singapore’s first award-winning and all-natural body care brand! 

Regardless of whether you prefer a more citrus-forward scent, like the JASMINE + MINT + ORANGE or LEMONGRASS + LEMON, or an essential oil scent like LAVENDER + CHAMOMILE + BERGAMOT, this Singapore beauty brand is your one-stop shop for the perfect unwind with a rejuvenating bath after a long day. 

Find out more at their website. 

Well, there is certainly an incredible range of pleasant surprises to Singapore beauty brands! Regardless of your budget and skin condition, skincare is ultimately something we shouldn’t neglect. Besides, with only one canvas to live with for the rest of your life, some say that investing in only the best for your skin is worth it. 

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