Russia Announces Free Ground Travel for 2018’s World Cup!

Russia Announces Free Ground Travel for 2018’s World Cup!

While people are hot on the 2014 Brazil World Cup, it might be a good time to start planning for 2018’s especially since Russia announced free ground transportation for anyone with a world cup ticket!

If you’ve missed your chance at watching this year’s World Cup in Brazil live, not to worry, 2018’s World Cup is just around the corner, and it comes with a perk!

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For a long time now, travelling between host cities has been quite a cost hazard for tourists. Particularly for us Asians who live across the world and have a disadvantageous exchange rate to European countries. Travel costs have been especially high these last three football tournaments including this year’s World Cup in Brazil, the 2012 European championship and South Africa’s 2010 World Cup. Not anymore!

In 2018, fans with game tickets will be able to travel free on all ground transportation including buses and trains between host cities in Russia. The games are spread across 11 cities and 12 stadium venues from St Petersburg in the north to Sochi in the south and Yekaterinburg in the east. While this could potentially mean sitting through 14-40 hour journeys, the influx of high-speed trains coming into Russia reduces this period of time from 14h to 3.5h. There are already several high-speed trains currently residing in Russia. By 2018, many more are expected to run.

And the perk: Travelling free takes a heavy sum off your back. A second class one-way train ticket can cost approximately USD 80 to USD 250. Travelling free throughout the country will easily shed a few thousands off your entire trip. If you couldn’t afford watching the World Cup before, now you can!

Russia also promises control over hotel prices – which seems to be on an ongoing inflation spike in Brazil at the moment. The Russian government has the power to interfere with hotel prices – they did it once at the Sochi Winter Olympics, and will not hesitate to do it again at 2018’s World Cup.

This leaves World Cup fans all over the world slightly happier than before – while bald headed, shirtless uncles yell at each other over the kopitiam television, you can expect to be there watching the World Cup live the next time round.


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