Beaches in Russia: Our 10 Favourite Spots for A Memorable Beach Day

Beaches in Russia: Our 10 Favourite Spots for A Memorable Beach Day in Russia

Time to bring out the beach towels in Russia!

In the eyes of the world, Russia is famous for many things. Breathtaking polar and arctic landscapes, a unique cultural aesthetic, vodka, and Bond villains are just some of the things that come to mind when we think of the world’s largest country in terms of landmass. However, I’m sure beaches and coastal views are not things we immediately associate with Russia. 

Despite that, Russia does indeed have plenty of stunning beaches scattered across it’s massive coastline. These beaches range from rocky beaches with little sand to tropical shores that enjoy plenty of sunlight. If you thought Russia was nothing more than a bitterly cold country punctuated by long winters, think again! These are the 10 most alluring beaches in Russia that beach bums simply must visit! 

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1. Khalaktyrsky Beach, Kamchatka Krai

Image credit: Sergey Yeliseev

Located on the east coast of the Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky Peninsula, Khalaktyrsky Beach is famous for its black volcanic sand. Formed over centuries due to volcanic activity on the peninsula, the black sand on the beach stretches as far as the eye can see along the shore, forming a stunning contrast of colours with the deep blue hue of the Pacific Ocean. 

Thanks to the incredible views, Khalaktyrsky Beach is widely regarded as one of the most enchanting beaches in Russia. While you can engage in some water activities (like surfing), Khalaktyrsky Beach is more suited for a laidback experience. Pack some delicious snacks because it’s the ideal spot for a picnic as you enjoy the gentle breeze and listen to the waves crashing against the shore. 

2. Riviera Beach, Sochi

Image credit: Mahmoodrezamo

If you’re looking for a more vibrant kind of fun in the sun, then look no further than Riviera Beach in Sochi. Set against the easternmost stretch of the Black Sea, Riviera Beach is a popular hotspot for youngsters and families. Apart from lazing around on the black stone beach, beachgoers can also enjoy plenty of exciting activities like banana boat rides, trampoline jumping, and even parasailing!

On the other hand, families will also enjoy being able to bask in the warm Sochi sun during the day. Once you’ve had enough of the watersports and sunshine, there are plenty of eateries around where you can satiate your appetite. 

3. Olympic Beach, Sochi

Image credit: Anna Nokikova

Speaking of stunning beaches in Sochi, another oceanfront paradise that deserves a mention is Olympic Beach. Stretching 5km along the Black Sea, Olympic Beach connects Olympic Park to the Psou River at the border with Abkhazia, Georgia. Lying in the lowlands of Imereti, Olympic Beach is another one of the famous beaches in Russia that locals frequent on a daily basis. 

It is well-maintained and even comes with a pristine cycling path for those who wish to admire the stunning views while biking around the area. Like any popular tourist destination, Olympic Beach is dotted with plenty of eateries and fast food joints selling delicious local snacks.  

4. Laskovy Beach, Solnechnoe

Image credit: veronasergio

At first glance, Laskovy Beach doesn’t really look like it belongs in Russia. After all, with a lush pine forest lining the inner shore, it looks more like a tropical paradise from the Maldives! In reality though, Laskovy Beach is just a stone’s throw away from the quaint town of Repino in St. Petersburg. 

It is the ideal getaway for city dwellers thanks to its picturesque scenery and relaxing vibes. One thing you can’t miss on Laskovy Beach is the opportunity to sample Kvass, a local beverage that is made from fermented rye. 

5. Tarkhovka Beach, The Gulf of Finland

From one tropical beach to another, Tarkhovka Beach is the top choice for couples thanks to its romantic ambience. Punctuated by rocky and sandy shores, Tarkhovka Beach exudes a serene vibe that is perfect for spending some quiet time alone with your loved ones. It also doesn’t hurt that the beach offers stunning views of the fortress of Kronstadt and the Gulf of Finland. 

Some of the activities you can enjoy here are hiking, swimming in the blue ocean, and a romantic boat ride along the shore. 

6. Podrezovo Beach, Moscow

Image credit: lesya3107

It’s safe to say that, for most people, their first visit to Russia always includes Moscow. It is the capital after all! However, did you know that Moscow also houses its very own beach? Podrezovo Beach is one of Russia’s most famous beaches, popular among both locals and tourists. 

Its shores are lined with soft white sand that caresses your feet as you stroll along the coastline. That, coupled with the stunning ocean view, makes this one of the most frequented weekend hangout spots in the city. And of course, with any popular beach attraction, you’ll find plenty of restaurants here that sell some of the most delicious seafood you could ask for! 

7. Promenade Beach, Yantarny

Image credit: APredis

While Promenade Beach can’t claim to be one of the most famous beaches in Russia, it certainly is one of the most whimsical. Located in Yantarny, Promenade Beach captivates beach lovers with its sparkling blue water, white sandy shores, and the beautiful nature park that doubles up as the perfect picnic spot. 

Apart from taking the time to admire the scenery, you can also enjoy a little bit of fishing and even experience the thrill of a few ropeway rides, at the end of which, you can enjoy a stunning panorama of the surrounding area. 

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8. Durso Beach, Krasnodar Krai

Image credit: das_dimas_album

Avid photographers, take note! If you’re looking for a Russian Beach that will fit right in at the top of your Instagram feed, you really MUST make your way to Durso Beach. It is located on the fringes of Abrau, a karst lake in Krasnodar Krai. As you would expect, the area features some truly spectacular views. 

The deep azure of the water combined with the grassy hillock make for an eye-catching vista. If you’re into hiking, you can make your way to the peak of the hillock for a panoramic view of the karst lake that will leave you speechless! On the beach itself, you can enjoy typical activities like camping, swimming, and boating. 

9. Vityazevo Beach, Vityazevo

Image credit: Mika Stetsovski

Nothing beats the idea of a secret beach getaway. Lazing on a remote beach surrounded by nothing but the therapeutic ocean breeze and the sound of waves washing ashore. Vityazevo Beach is one of the most remote beaches in Russia and USUALLY a little less crowded. 

Despite being a little more out of the way, it still boasts plenty of the usual beach activities we all know and love. You can choose to soak in the warm sun or go swimming in the calm waters. Either way, it’s an escape you’ll never forget! 

10. Nagaev Bay, Magadan Oblast

Image credit: deyenerisleon

Now, I’m gonna wager that nothing about Nagaev Bay checks the usual characteristics of a “beach”. However, it is so unique that I felt compelled to include it. Named after famous Russian hydrographer Aleksei Ivanovich Nagayev, the bay is, for all intents and purposes, an ice beach! This means that apart from the black sand that lines the shore, you’ll also see icy rocks around the bay, offering visitors a truly magical sight! 

Time for a dip in Russia!

And there you have it: 10 stunning beaches in Russia for the next time you’re in the country! While some of the beaches may not have the same appeal as more famous destinations, we certainly recommend giving them a try, especially if you want to experience a whole different side of Russia! 

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