Get This Rotating Toiletry Bottle That Lets You Travel “Leak-Free”

Get This Rotating Toiletry Bottle That Lets You Travel “Leak-Free”

With it, you won't have to bother bringing individual containers for your essentials.

Bulky and non-waterproof toiletry bags are probably some of the worst things you can travel with. Even more so if you’re on a shoestring budget where you can only bring a piece of space-saving hand-carry luggage with you and you have to pack all your belongings together. If this is the case, then you might want to consider getting a rotating toiletry bottle.

Rotating toiletry bottles might look like every other water bottle you already own at a glance, but inside is where the magic actually happens. Each bottle, which measures 16.8cm by 6.7cm (about the size of an iPhone 11) comes with four small portable containers. You can place essentials like a body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, facial cleanser, liquid detergent, lotion, and mouthwash. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Think of it as a 4-in-1 water dispenser, but as a travel-sized bottle where you can choose which product you want to be emitted based on need. All you have to do is load each container before leaving for a trip. We advise putting a label on them so it’s easier for you to refill later on. When needed, rotate the lid of the bottle to choose an essential and press down on it to dispense.

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Organised, leak-free, and ideal for travelling

Refillable Toiletry Container

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Furthermore, each container can hold a volume of 40ml, whereas airlines permit a maximum of 100ml carry-on baggage. When used well, you don’t have to stress out from forcibly emptying your individual toiletry containers once at the airport. The limited capacity also makes it perfect for quick getaways. If you’re going on a long-term trip, you can still use the bottle to hold toiletries good for the first few days.

Having some of your must-have travel items in one compact bottle also makes it really easy to retrieve, without the hassle of taking them out one by one. “Very useful for travelling, [I] don’t need to take so many bottles with me,” said one traveller on Lazada, where you can get one of these products in grey and pink colours. Another shared how it’s just the perfect size for a gym bag, proving its versatility outside travel use.

Moreover, the bottles are designed so that your essentials are prevented from leaking when you’re on the move. Aside from the security provided in having the containers placed inside a bigger bottle, the lids also come with secure lock features so that it’s closed tight. Even then, the pump and rotating features function just as well.

Buy the rotating toiletry bottle on Lazada from S$6.90.

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